Monday, 1 April 2013


I honestly don't know where my blogger mojo has gone. I think with the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy going so well, I have been spending a lot of my free time doing my 'homework'. Those who have had CBT will know what that means, put simply it is practicing doing the things that scare you. It's the best homework I have ever had, I really think I am getting panic attacks for 4 weeks (touch wood).

But, I think it's time for me to really get back into the blogging. It does make me happy to connect with my blogger chums. So I may as well start off with an outfit I wore ages ago, but since winter has lasted literally forever, it is still weather appropriate...This stupid country.

Jumper Tee, Dorothy Perkins - Similar Here.
Shirt, H&M - Same Here.
Leatherette Trousers, H&M - Similar Here.
Spiked Platform - Christmas Gift
Necklace, H&M - Similar Here.

Did everyone have a lovely Easter? What did you guys get up to?

I'm glad to be back.

Gems x


  1. You're fashion pictures get better with every post!! Love the heels and leatherette trousers! Helps that you make a beautiful model! Keep up with facing your fears! It's not easy and admire anyone who can do it! Don't stop! x

  2. The necklace is very nice with this look! Glad you are back! Xx. Pip

  3. I'm extremely happy that the therapy is working out for you. And blogging can wait, health is much more important ^_^
    Although, I do love your outfits, especially this one, hot pants!

  4. You look amazing... I would LOVE to be able to walk in shoes like that (and have legs like that)! Glad your CBT is going so well, it's hard work sometimes but it's SO worht it.

    Liz xx

  5. those shoes are something else! so cool. the whole outfit is actually :D xx

  6. Congratulations with your homework :) you look great I love your trousers (stares at bum) x


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