Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Not being a particularly girly girl, I was getting so bored of feminine florals and overly pretty pastels, I was pretty pleased when more edgy influences were making their way onto the high street. It's time for the Urban Rebel to take on the girly little princess - it's about tough leathers, crosses and plenty of hardware embellishments, think skulls, stud spikes and rivets.

I have already firmly dipped my toe into this trend, I'm currently awaiting on the delivery of a pair of fake leather trousers and I already have plenty of hardware jewellery, a pair of studded loafers and a stud embellished jersey dress - I predict there will be many more pieces in my wardrobe throughout the next few months.

I haven't done a little collage for a while, I have been so busy with work that I have been concentrating on outfit posts mostly as they are quicker - just have to put on some clothes and pout about for a few minutes. Well the collage is back with a few Urban Rebel inspired outfits, one to rock during the day and one to work at night....Enjoy!

Day: Earrings, New Look; Spike Shoulder Dress, Glamorous; Spiked Loafers, Matalan; Leather-Sleeve Jacket, H&M; Studded Bag, OASAP; Zebra Socks, Forever21.

Night: Shoulder Stud Tee, Topshop; Imitation Leather Trousers, H&M; Cross Necklace, New Look; Spike Bracelet, Missguided; Chain Strap Bag, Romwe; Studded Wedges, Tribeca Shoes.

What do you think of this trend? And how fabulous are those wedges from Tribeca Shoes - I wish I never discovered them, I want about 20 pairs!

Have you guys been enjoying the Olympic action? Yesterday I was so proud of the Team GB Mens Gymnastic Team - they did awesome winning a bronze medal!

Gems x

Sunday, 29 July 2012


Come on then, who else has completely caught Olympic fever - I feel like I have been waiting for it forever and now it is finally here, it's an awesome feeling. However, during the Opening Ceremony I felt slightly guilty that I had never heard of some of the countries, but I suppose for the next two weeks there is only one country that matters - Great Britain. That is why I decided to go all patriotic on the first day of the sporting activities, with some Red, White and Blue. I added my gorgeous ASOS Union Jack Sunnies just in case I wasn't patriotic enough!

RED shirt, Bershka - same here.
WHITE belt, Romwe - similar here.
BLUE Jeans, Dorothy Perkins - similar here.
Studded Shoes, Matalan - same here.


Of course even if the Olympics is on, you can't miss an opportunity to get some sun, so me and the boyfriend went of for a little jaunt. We came across a bit of a food festival at Newcastle Cathedral, we used this as an opportunity to check out the Cathedral as we had never been in before and what an absolutely amazing building - religious or not (I'm not), I would recommend anyone living in or visiting Newcastle to check it out.

Following a cup of tea we checked out some of the stalls in the courtyard and I picked up this lovely little necklace for just £1 - It was made by Jessica Babirye of the Together We Can Project of Kalule Uganda. The proceeds from the sale will help her feed her family and pay their school fees, how wonderful is that?

Since the proceeds from all their little table top sales were going to charity, I also picked up these 5 amazing wooden rings at an epic 50p a piece - aren't they beautiful?

I'll leave by saying, GO TEAM GB! And by saying another thank you to Jessica from Uganda for the necklace.

Gems x

Friday, 27 July 2012


My 16 year old self would be so surprised if she could see me now - painfully shy, total geek (and not the trendy kind) and mega tomboy, living in tracksuits and doing my best to blend into the background. The thought of being the center of attention would absolutely horrify me. But I have certainly changed - I still don't enjoy being the center of attention, but I'm not afraid to wear something that is sure to make me stand out. I wear what I like and if people don't like it, they don't have to look.

I picked up these amazing twill trousers a few weeks ago in H&M for a bargain £7.99 - I love the print and how the zip fastening on the back, which gives them the most flattering fit, although I did struggle to zip them over my voluptuous bum on my own, I had to enlist the help of the boyfriend as I was way to frightened I might zip the butt skin in there, in 'There's Something About Mary' stylee.

This was worn on date night, off out for some hearty pub grub, it was fab - I do love food I do!

Printed Trousers, H&M - Same here.
Shirt, Matalan - Same here.
Studded Loafers, Matalan - Same here.
All Accessories, H&M
Nail Colour, Rimmel Red Carpet

Have you guys bought into the printed trouser trend? I've decided that I bloody love it.

By the way, check out OASAP's latest competition to win site credits to spend on their products -  It's great, beat the Monster to win cash credits every day. Just click the LINK.
I've won $18 already, got myself a lovely little ring for starters...for free!

Gems x

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


This outfit post is long overdue, considering I wore it over 3 weeks ago for my birthday meal courtesy of the boyfriend. Incidentally, the dress was a gift from my generous boyfriend as part of the epic spoiling of me he did for my birthday. From online retailer Romwe, this little dress is perfect for me as I do love a little bit of punkish fashion, that is not over the top - a little bit edgy, but also really quite versatile (I wore the dress as a top a few weeks ago). And seriously how cute is the little belt with pouch that came with the dress...so adorable!

Just so you know I didn't wear the sunglasses out to the restaurant, I just wanted to pose in them for a bit because they were new...what a victim/loser I am!

Jersey Dress, Romwe - Similar here.
Tights, Missguided - Similar here.
Wedges ASOS - Similar here.
Envelope Clutch, H&M - similar here.
Sunglasses, Collar and Stud Bracelet, H&M - In Store Now.

No. 7 Nail Colour in Cheeky Chops.

I have to say, I'm still loving my Missguided tights, they totally remind me of sexy athletic socks for some reason - what do you guys think?

Managed to get any use out of your sunnies yet?

By the way have you checked out OASAP's latest competition to win site credits to spend on their products -  It's great, beat the Monster to win cash credits every day. Just click the LINK.
I've won $13 already, got myself a lovely little ring...for free!

Gems x

Monday, 23 July 2012


Hallelujah! On Saturday, here in Newcastle, we had a sunny day- I kid you not, the sun was out and it was warm and beautiful, so of course I couldn't resist jumping into my gorgeous neon and khaki maxi dress, kindly gifted to me by American Brand, Sugarlips. I picked the Opposites Attract dress out of their super cute selection of dresses myself, but haven't had the chance to wear it yet (except for the initial outfit post).

As I have probably said before, I love the contrast of the khaki against the vibrant yellow - it's just the perfect dress for a sunny day. So I took it out for a walk along to Jesmond Dene, to relax in the sun and of course visit pets corner, where i got slightly freaked out by a pig and surprised at the epic laziness of a goat - she knows who she is.

It was just a perfect day, and my boyfriend informs me that many a lady were admiring my dress - it really made me feel good and a little bit smug that they weren't going to find anything anywhere near as good in any of the nearby retail establishments. You gotta visit Sugarlips for this baby, while your there check out the Indigo Tracks dress - I think it could be worth breaking the spending ban for!

Opposites Attract Dress c/o Sugalips - same here.
Gladiator Sandals, ASOS - similar here.
Cross Earrings, New Look - similar here.

Cross Bracelet, Matalan - similar here.
Sunglasses, H&M - In store now!
Light Blue Nail Varnish, Gold by Giles - same here.

I seriously hope you have all had a great weekend in the sun, don't you think this dress is just as lovely as a summer's day - I hope there are many more to come!

What is your favourite summer dress?

Gems x

Friday, 20 July 2012


It has rained non-stop in Newcastle this week, and it makes me long for the years when we actually had seasons, instead of one long Autumn, followed by an even longer winter. So I decided to be just give in to it and check out what is out there for the Autumn/Winter season - to the internet!

Thanks to some browsing on my favourite online resource for fashion, Glamour Magazine I came across a great feature showing some of the finest celebrity fashion campaigns for the Autumn/Winter 2012 season - some were so good, not only did they have me longing for winter, but also desperate to share the epic gorgeousness with the blogosphere.

So without any further ado, check out my favourite celeb fashion campaigns for the Autumn/Winter 2012 season...

Lana Del Rey for H&M
Jameela Jamil for Very and her own line JAM
Georgia May Jagger for Hudson Jeans.
Mila Kunis for Miss Dior
Kate Moss for Salvatore Ferragamo
 Photos courtesy of glamourmagazine

I have a particular soft spot for the Kate Moss campaign, but I suspect that there may have been just a touch of air brushing - Sorry Kate.

Which is your fave?

Gems x

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


So most of us here in the UK are still waiting for a sunny day that looks unlikely ever to arrive, so probably like a lot of you out there, when I have some free time I can't be bothered to go anywhere - just not feeling the drowned rat look any more. So to stave off boredom (I refuse to read the Shades of Grey books) I have been painting my nails a lot more often - I've never had nails so good, too bad the weather is too bad to go out and show them off, by giving the jazz hands like a mad woman. So anyway I thought I may as well share the changes with you...

No. 7 Poolside Blue with H&M's Jo is in the House

No. 7 Poolside Blue and Gold by Giles Light Blue (via New Look)

Rimmel Grey Matter and H&M Jo is in the House

Miss Sporty Sparkle and Pixi No. 4

I currently have Red Carpet Red nails, courtesy of Rimmel as it is was date night last night, just a few lovely hours eating nice food and being away from our computers, which we are both permanently stuck to for work. It was fab!

I think the grey nails are my favourite - so very me and they match all the items in my wardrobe - i really do need more colour in my life.  What are your faves?

How have you guys been keeping the boredom at bay on the rainy days?

Gems x

Monday, 16 July 2012


I still haven't got round to wearing all the lovely stuff I received for my birthday, since people were very generous in giving me money, I have bought lots of lovely stuff that both the weather and time hasn't allowed me to wear yet. Yesterday, I wore the lovely Gothic lace embellished over-sized T-shirt my sister picked up for me from Warehouse.

I absolutely love this tee, it is both relaxed and stylish, being versatile enough to be worn dressed up or dressed down - cant wait to wear it with some super skinny jeans or leatherette trousers, it will look so tough and edgy, seeing me through to winter (which might already bee here, because summer sure isn't).

Excuse the photographs, it was the first time I look pictures myself with the timer on my camera...

Lace-trim T-shirt, Warehouse - similar here.
Denim Shorts, H&M - same here.

Leopard Print Creepers, OASAP - same here.
Rings, H&M - in store now.

What do you guys think? Do like a little bit of Gothic lace?

Are you back wearing Autumn/Winter style pieces again already too? Isn't it so frustrating?

Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Gems x

Friday, 13 July 2012


I have been a huge fan on online brands like OASAP and Romwe for quite some time now, their clothing, shoes and accessories offer something that you aren't going to find on the high street, or maybe even anywhere else online. The originality in their pieces totally blows my mind, I can spend hours on OASAP browsing through their dresses and skirts in particular.

So when the lovely people at OASAP credited my account and told me I could use it to put towards anything on their site, I couldn't believe my luck, with free worldwide delivery I was in for a bargain. I drove myself half mad trying decide what to choose, in the end I decided to go for something that had been on my OASAP wishlist for a while - these stunning green and black Leopard Print Creepers.

As soon as I ordered them I couldn't wait for them to arrive so I could put them on my feet and prance around in them, making random people look at my feet Can't you just see the happiness on my face?

Leopard Print Creepers, c/o OASAP - SAME HERE!!!Dress (worn as top), Romwe - similar here.
Ripped Jeans, New Look - same here.
Earrings, New Look - similar here.

I teamed them with my knew favourite dress from Romwe, worn as a top and some suitably shredded jeans and I couldn't love the whole look more. It's relaxed yet stylish at the same time, and on the bonus side I walked around town in them all day and they are super comfortable, so I want to say a huge thanks to the guy from OASAP to introducing me to my new love.

How do you guys feel about my new shoes? Have a great weekend!

Gems x