Wednesday, 3 April 2013


No it's not what you think, I haven't been reading mummy porn, all throbbing this and heaving that! I couldn't take that much cringing...if I had burning loins I'd see a doctor. Anyway, the title refers to my current obsession with the colour grey. Maybe it's my inner emo trying to express itself...can you still be an emo at almost 30?And can you be an emo if you genuinely like your parents and don't talk about how terrible music lyrics describe all your feelings?

It's still bloody freezing, so the leatherette pants are still getting worn to death, even though it's a right chore to pull them over my arse.

What colours are currently dominating your wardrobe?
Or have you been reading a little bit of mummy porn?

Gems x


  1. It's all dark colours for me too right now, it's this horrid weather! Your boots are lovely and I'm glad that the CBT is going well! xxx

  2. (Continues to stare at bum) amazing trousers. No I mean amazing bum! :) another great look I've yet to dip into "mummy porn" either- I just can't understand how a woman can have that much sex without getting thrush?

  3. I've been addicted to gray since birth :D And love this outfit a lot!


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