Thursday, 11 April 2013


I seriously starting to get bored of the night terrors that are caused by one of my medications. Last night I terrorized by XOR (yep the 1980's logic game you were forced to 'play' at school), chasing me through that weird and seriously dull maze of chickens and fish...what do they have to do with anything?

So I'm a wee bit tired today, which explains the fairly poor pictures...still I'm loving my squeaky pants - the way they make that funny 'whaa, whaa, whaa' noise when I walk, it cracks me up.

Dress (worn as top), Topshop - Similar Here.
Leatherette Trousers, H&M - Similar Here.

Has anyone else been having strange dreams recently?

Gems x


  1. Loving the squeaky pants. lol

    I'm always have strange dreams.


  2. Yup, I had nightmares too, soo sleepy right now!
    Looking superb in those pants!

  3. Loving your 'squeaky' pants lol and the blouse is nice too

  4. Very cool outfits on your blog! Love this shirt :)

  5. Love this look, the print is gorgeous x


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