Sunday, 29 April 2012


Throughout April I have been trying to curb my spending since it is a big birthday month - we have had my fabulous sister's 30th, my hero Granda Dava's 80th Birthday and in the first week of May it's Mr Well Done's birthday (how bloody selfish of him), so I've been watching the wallet making sure I can get them the wonderful gifts that they deserve.

Of course, Sods Law dictates that when you can't spend money, you can't stop seeing things that you want to spend money on. But, I was good and instead of buying new outfits that I definitely didn't need, I bought reasonably priced accessories that would change the look of garments that I already had, giving them a fresh feel.

1. Silver Envelope Clutch,H&M
2. NYC Spring Street polish; Collection 2000 Love Your Lips in Passion; Collection 2000, Sherbert Lemon.
3. Snakeskin Woven Straw Clutch, H&M
4. Striped Cotton Scarf, H&M
5.Barry M Mint Green Polish; Rimmel Lasting Polish in Your Majesty.

6. Vintage Beaded Collar
7.) Silver Buckle Bracelet, H&M
8.) Silver Rings, H&M

Also this month I was lucky enough to win a competition this month on Facebook from one of my favourite new bands Clement Marfo & The Frontline, winning a signed T-shirt. It came in the post a few weeks ago, and I can't decide if I should wear it, or keep it safe until they are huge - an investment so to speak. Check out their hit, Mayhem ft Kano - it is one hell of a tune.

So what have you guys been spending your hard earned money on this month?
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

Gems x

Friday, 27 April 2012


Probably one of the most overlooked things is film is the costuming - no one really comes out of a movie and says "You know what, I don't think much of the story but Dumbledore was rocking that smock". For me the fashion and styling within a movie can really add something a little extra, that allows me to invest more in the characters. For example an elf from The Lord of the Rings is not gonna be that convincing prancing around in jeans and a t-shirt.

So what I thought I would do a serious of blogs documenting my favourite use of fashion within film, because I do think it's worth a mention. The first film I have chosen in 'Sucker Punch' the 2011 movie that follows the story of a gorgeous young girl who, after being institutionalized by her abusive stepfather, copes by retreating into an alternate reality as a coping strategy - during which, she conjures up a daring escape plan.

 The girls were well prepared for the 70% off sale
Costume designer, Michael Wilkinson, who has previously created costumes for hit movies Tron Legacy, Watchmen and Terminator Salvation, has excelled himself with Sucker Punch - creating strong vampish combat looks for the warrior women during the epic fight scenes, and sexy, yet innocent and vulnerable costumes for the dancing girls, having to do too much too young. Not only do the costumes look amazing, but they really helped to define the different stories that ran through the film, creating a wonderful dreamy atmosphere.

Emily Browning as Babydoll and Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie

Abbie Cornish as Sweet Pea and Jamie Chung as Amber
Jena Malone as Rocket and Carla Gugino as Madam Gorski

I love the tough combat costumes, especially the Peter Pan/Dominatrix look of Rocket and the Bad Ass Manga look that Babydoll is working. Who would have though tons of black leather, fish netting, fringing and thigh high's would work well on anyone but street walkers?

Anyway, onto the little girl losts of the dancing girls - this is where Make Up Designer Rosalina Da Silva, who has also knocked my socks off with the looks she created in Tron Legacy an Underworld, really shone -  the faces were mostly fresh an dewy until it came to the eyes that featured lots of smudged eyeliner, as if the girls had recently been crying. It added to the air of desperation the girls clearly felt.

So what do you guys think of the fashion/costumes in Sucker Punch?
Are there any movies that you think are worthy of a Fashion in Film Feature? The best suggestions I will feature and of course provide credit where it is due.

In case you haven't seen this wonderfully weird movie, I leave you guys with the official trailer...Enjoy!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


While festival season has come to an end for all my Aussie lovelies, it is just set to begin over here in the UK, which means the shops are filling with the most amazing head wear, distressed denim and light summer parkas.

Over the previous few years, festival fashion has become a trend in its own right, no longer being confined to the muddy fields of the British countryside. I won't be attending any festivals myself this summer - one of the benefits of working for yourself means that you are perpetually poor :) - but, I still be rocking the festival style in the concrete jungle taking some inspiration from these Hollywood hotties at California's Coachella Festival.

Diane Kruger, Emma Watson an Kate Bosworth

Kristen Stewart, Dita Von Teese and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
I've took a little crack at styling the festival trend as I would wear it out on the streets (not in the night walker way), so I haven't went over the top on bare leg, animal prints and over-sized hats - the streets of Newcastle are very different from the sweaty, body filled fields of the West Country :)

1.) Denim Blue Cap, H&M; Tie Neck Maxi Dress, Topshop.
2.) Beaded Collar Backless Playsuit, Romwe; Leopard Print Socks, Forever 21; Skull Head Black Flat Shoes, Romwe; Heart Broken Ring and Glitter Cross 2 Finger Ring, Punky Pins.
3.) Soft Feather Earrings and Candy Stripe Gilet, New Look; Pleated Dip Back Skirt, Topshop; Shoes, H&M.
4.) Grecian Disc Headband, New Look; Something Else Splice Strap Dress, General Pants; Biker Wellington Boots, Barratts.
5.) Neon Hart Studded Biker Jacket, General Pants; Mint 90's Print Dress, Miss Selfridge; Backback, Romwe.

So how did I do? What do you guys think of the festival trend?

Gems x 

Sunday, 22 April 2012


I can't deny it to myself any longer...I LOVE a good mullet. Whenever I see Dog the Bounty Hunter, I don't think it looks like the '80s has thrown up on that guy. Instead I think that is one impressive mullet, where can I get me one of those. My thoughts on his boob heavy, make-up plastered wife are a lot less complementary.

Anyhoo, since my rather thin hair can't sufficiently support the feathered, voluminous mullet style, no matter how much back-combing and hair spray I apply, I have fully embraced the mullet-hem trend. I took it out for a spin on my latest trip out for a stomach bursting Sunday lunch - the super skinny jeans were a bad choice :)

Leopard Print Mullet Hem Top, New Look.
Skinny Jeans, Primark.
Tan Satchel, George @ Asda
Studded Skinny Belt and Shoes (also worn here), New Look
Faux Leather Biker, Matalan
Scrabble Ring, Rock and Rose
Personalised Necklace (always worn), Punky Pins.

What do you guys think of mullet hems?
Hope you all had a fun weekend - anyway must dash off to buy some shampoo, was at an all day BBQ yesterday and the smokey smell has permeated my very sole (my own fault I was practically on top of it on the hunt for warmth).

Gems x

Friday, 20 April 2012


I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a film critic - probably because I like almost everything, except romantic comedies or weepies. I know I'm a sorry excuse for a girl, but I much prefer some mind blowing action, serious ass kickings an a hefty dose of weirdness in my movies - anything Korean is usually a winner with me, which reminds me check out 'The Good, The Bad, The Weird' if you get a is awesome.

Anyway moving on to the movie I actually came here to talk about 'The Cabin in the Woods', which I went to see a few nights ago. As the tagline states "You think you know the story", the decades old story of a bunch of sexy teens off to spend the weekend in a secluded cabin in the middle of hicksville, just off inbred lane. STOP!! because you don't know the story, convention has been thrown right out the cabin window - this film is not your typical teen horror.

I don't really want to say too much about the movie as I don't want to give anything away, but you can look forward to a surprising cameo from Sigourney Weaver and a really mean unicorn. There are a number of shocks, big ones, and a hefty dose of gore, but also a refreshing amount of comedy and 'WTF' moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Co-written and directed by Drew Goddard and co-written and produced by Joss Whedon, yes that is the 'Buffy' guy, it stars Chris Hemsworth, Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Jesse Williams, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz and Amy Acker - a great ensemble cast.

I leave you with the trailer and a plea to go and see this movie, just so we can tell each other how epic it is :)

Have any of you guys out there seen the movie yet? Or perhaps you have seen something recently that you think is worth recommending? Let me know.

Gems x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


H&M are easily my favourite high street brand, their collections are always fashion forward an easy on the pocket. But, not only this, they are a label that seems set to save the world - well maybe that is a little extreme, but with an Conscious Collection in stores now and another Fashion Against Aids collection to be launched April 26th, they are certainly doing more than most labels out there.

So lets start with the 2012 Conscious Collection, which is part of H&M's efforts to reduce their impact on the environment for a more sustainable fashionable future.
Sometimes you just have to say "Lets go pose in the bushes"
 I have to say H&M have sacrificed nothing in the design of their organic cotton and recycled material collections - there are some right beauties in are my lust-worthy faves. First up are some picks from the Exclusive Conscious Collection, which have a slightly higher price point, but you can justify it to yourself because you helping the planet (well that's how I justify it to myself).

I love the bright saturated hues of the Exclusive Conscious Collection - I think that lime green dress would look insane teamed with the jewel blue blazer, and how rocking is that vibrant floral print. I love how these vibrant pops contrast with the delicate pastels, sheers and lace from the Mainline Conscious Collection. Of course there are some big must haves there...

Next up from H&M, now that the environment is sorted, is their fifth 'Fashion Against AIDS' collection, which they have been producing each year, to raise to raise funds and create awareness about HIV/AIDS among the young. It is truly an amazing cause,  and with this years collection bringing together ethnic influences from different continents and 25% of proceed going directly to the charity, you really can't go wrong buying a piece or two. The eye-catching African prints are simple amazeballs and there is some gorgeous dip-dyes in there too. Here are the items at the top of my list...

Isn't that Maori printed sweater to die for? I love the collection and I love what H&M are doing, raising awareness about safe sex, while producing seriously enviable fashion.

What are your favourite pieces?

Gems x

Sunday, 15 April 2012


When I was young my Grandma (who is sadly no longer with us) used to sing 'Me and My Shadow', about me and my Grandad - I was definitely Grandaddy's girl, who used to take me out on little jaunts every Saturday morning around relatives houses and to car boot sales.

Well last night was his 80th birthday party, which included a particularly moving speech from the man of honour, a lovely rendition of Coldplay's 'Fix You' on the karaoke, a harmonica version of 'The Road To Hell, and some very silly dancing to an ABBA medley.

It was a great night, which my Grandad seemed to thoroughly enjoy. Here is what I wore...

Nautical Style Jacket - Triple S
Ruffle Dress - Ravi Famous London, from Triple S
Leather Look Leggings - Ebay
Cream Tights worn under leggings, H&M 
Moc Croc Heels, New Look
Silver Envelope Clutch, H&M
Rings and Buckle Bracelet, H&M
Gems Necklace, Punky Pins
Rimmel Nail Varnish in Your Majesty

I thought it might also be nice to share with you my favourite picture of myself and my Grandad, taken at my graduation, way back in 2006 - doesn't he look proud?

Happy Birthday Grandad!

Gems x 

Thursday, 12 April 2012


With each season that goes by, I look forward to what Topshop Unique come up with - being one of my favourite high street brands, I love how the awesome design team further pushes the boat out for their Unique collection.

For the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, Head of Design Karen Bonser, was inspired by the glamour and opulence of Ancient Egypt - those mothers loved the bling bling. The collection explores what a modern day Egyptian would wear in urban London - I don't know about a modern Egyptian, but I know I would wear almost every piece.

For your deliberation, here are some of my favourite looks.

As ever many of the pieces from the Unique collection will appear in store, so head down to your nearest Topshop now...I SAID NOW!!

Or I guess you could check out the Unique collection online, here.

What do you guys think of the collection?

Gems x

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


It's a long story, but for some time now I have been without a wardrobe - yes I know it is difficult to comprehend the horror, but please stay with me. So for a while now I have been living a little bit like a bag lady, rummaging through various bags trying to find a certain item, only to find it hopelessly creased, crumpled at the bottom of the last place I looked.

I have got used to it, but like any girl, I sometimes like to see my favourite pieces of the moment hanging in all their glory. That's where my bedroom door comes in - I hang all the bits I'm loving at the time on the back to enjoy them whenever I like. So as a little insight to my 'wardrobe' I thought I would share what my bedroom door has in store for Spring (sorry to by Southern Hemisphere lovelies).

1. Leopard Faux Fur Jacket - Cutie
2. Floral Print Shift Dress - Matalan
3. Snakeskin Print Dress - Cutie
4. Skull Print Scarf - Miss Selfridge
5. Oriental Print Shift Dress - Matalan
6. Striped Skater Dress - Miso
7. Loose Knit Jumper - H! by Henry Holland
8. Lip Print Dress - TK Maxx
9. Striped Oversize Knit - H&M
10. Metallic Maxi Dress - New Look
11. Scarf - Camden Market

As you can see, I have been loving prints recently, and lots and lots of colour - hope you enjoyed the little peek into my makeshift wardrobe/garment display :)
Do any of you guys display any of your favourite garments in a special way?

Gems x