Monday, 30 June 2014


Admit it girls, you hate washing your hair as much as I do! It isn't the washing itself that is so bad, it is the time spent drying and styling that is the real pain in the derriere, especially if you have to get up early in the morning to do it, cutting that dream about Channing Tatum short.

Dry Shampoos promise to offer a solution to your hatred of washing your hair, by giving you fresh bouncy hair with just a few sprays. But, they have never worked for me - my hair is rather thin and I find dry shampoos, just weigh it down further, making it look worse than before I sprayed it on. So I was delighted when Nilaqua got in touch asking if I would like to try their innovative new leave-in shampoo, Zerreau.

Having really fly-away and annoying hair, I was really excited to try Zerreau, the next generation of dry shampoos. Do you think it can deal with this...

Zerreau promises to wash my locks without the need for water, whilst also removing grease, dirt and even product. So lets give it a go! It comes in a light weight foam that is non-sticky and smells of apples, sweet and fresh (there is also a strawberry scent too if you prefer).

So you apply the foam directlt to the roots to lift up and dirt and grease and whilst still wet and soapy, towel dry. Did I mention how good it smells?

Then simply style as normal and marvel at the resutls - I usually hav very flat hair, no matter how much back-combing I try to do, but with one use of Zerreau, my hair became thick and bouncy and needed very little styling to look awesome - a style which lasted all day. My hair looked glossy and was free of grease and dirt. Zerreau, you certainly did the job and you have made it into my daily beauty essentials.

If you want to fall in love with Zerreau too, they have kindly given me a 20% discount code to pass onto all of my readers. Simply add the code SUMMER20 to the checkout for a great discount on such a great product. Just think how great it would be to keep your hair all lovely for a festival, or camping trip...

Are you thinking about trying Zerreau dry shampoo?

*Zerreau shampoo provided to me for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own.

Gems x
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Thursday, 26 June 2014


I wish I could take good blogger photos outside - I always feel a little bit too self conscious. Maybe it is because direct sunlight turns me from moderately attractive to hobgoblin, or that the tiniest bit of wind will fling my hair in any direction but a good one, or that I just don't really want people looking at me and judging. Any tips from some fellow bloggers for taking piccies outside?

But, at least I do love my outfit, and all mint ensemble from Primark that cost just £12 in total - £4 for the top and £8 for the trousers. The shade works great with my dark hair, but not so great with my pasty skin, maybe I should invest in a good fake tan, something that won't make it look like I was born to a couple of Cheesy Wotsits.

Top and Trousers - Primark, In Stores Now
Bag - Gift

House of Holland Block Head Nails, Elegant Touch - Same Here.
How cute is my new necklace from Punky Pins? I won it in a Facebook competition of theirs and I nearly cried because I never win anything. I had one of their very first name necklaces years ago and when it broke I was devastated, so 'm really happy to have it replaced with the Mirror Bar Necklace.

Mirror Bar Necklace, Punky Pins - Same Here.
Speaking of competitions, don't forget to enter my Elegant Touch Competition - you can win three sets of their fabulous express nails, but you better hurry it ends on the 30th of June. Earn multiple entries to increase your chances.

Gems x
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Monday, 23 June 2014


I can't thank Elegant Touch enough for what they have done for me recently - since I have discovered them I have become a total false nail convert. I am currently rocking the House of Holland Block Head nails and I just totally love them - I was a Lego fiend when I was a kid, so everytime I look at my nails, I feel a rush of childish glee.

Falsies are so great because you have an outrageous manicure in minutes that will never chip and last you a good seven days - it's like a mani miracle. Elegant Touch are my brand of choice as I just love the massive variety they have - from over-the top, to classic french, they have a nail for everyone and every occasion.

I love their Express collection, as they are so easy to apply, and even easier to remove, but really do last through the days challenges - scrabbling through my bag for keys is a big one of mine. So, in a bid to make everyone a false nail lover like me, I'm giving away three (oh yes three) sets of Express nails to one lucky winner and the competition is open internationally...

Get entering below and a winner will be picked at random in a weeks time

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good Luck Everyone

The winner will be contacted after the competition is closed and has 48 hours to respond, after which another winner will be chosen!

Gems x 

Thursday, 19 June 2014


I'm not a girly kind of girl - I mean I wore tracksuits and football shirts until I was 18, come to think of it, I didn't get my first boyfriend until I was18 too, do you think the two might be related. So still having a hefty dose of tom boy running through my veins, I just can't go to girly, it just isn't me no matter how beautiful pinks and pretty flowers look on other people. I would just feel like a man in a dress - not even a drag queen because they at least have some glamour.

I still do like floral prints, but they can't be to floaty, frilly or fussy - the girlier they are, the more manly I'd feel. So I was delighted when I saw this lovely retro floral dress in a charity shop a few months ago (it was the last thing I actually bought myself - how bad is that for a fashion blogger?). It has a slight 50's feel to it, with the button down style and contrasting sleeves.

To add a bit of edge, I teamed it with my spiked boots (which have a strange rattle in the heel - what the hell is that?) and my faux fur beauty as it was still a little but chilly...

Floral Dress, Primark via Charity Shop.
Studded Bag - Gift

Boots - Discount Shoe Store.

Are you girly, or do you have a more tom boy style?

Gems x
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Thursday, 12 June 2014


In recent months I have made no secret in my new found love for all things false nails - this doesn't mean I have totally turned my back on nail polish, I still have plenty in my collection, just at the minute I can't get over the ease and convenience of false nails. They take 10 minutes to apply and you get a week of chip-resistant, perfect and sometimes outrageous nails - something I could never achieve with nail varnish, not without a miracle or divine intervention anyway.

My brand of choice is Elegant Touch, I love the variety of their styles and their quality and durability; I am a massive fan of the House of Holland collection and am very excited about their new neon collection, plus how lovely are these Sweet Sherberts - you can check out my detailed reviews and tutorials of their Express Collection and Sweet Tooth House of Holland Nails on Femside.

Last month, when I first heard about their Candy Dip range, I knew I had to give them a go. Available exclusively at Superdrug, Candy Dip is a way to get fuss free glitter nails without having to apply 500 coats of glitter nail varnish.

Inside your cute candy ship box, you get three pots of glitter and 14 double sided nail stickers. Simply put, you choose a sticker that fits your nail, file off the excess and pop your sticky nail into the glitter of your choice, and voila sparkly nails that dazzle. Apply a top coat and the glitter wont shed and will last longer - it's genius!

They lasted through several showers and my compulsive hand washing, so they are way more durable than I could have imagined. And when it was time to say goodbye, they simple peel off - At just £4.49 a piece and four lovely shades to choose from, I think they are quite the bargain. Stay tuned to Femside for my full review and tutorial.

What do you guys think of Candy Dip, do you think it will be something you want to try?

* Nails sent to me by Elegant Touch as part of a review for my work with Femside, all opinions are my own.

Gems x

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Monday, 9 June 2014


Who else loves to quote the movie 'Anchorman' on a daily basis? I know I do, particularly anything the intellectually challenged weatherman 'Brick Tamland' says. He is a loveable idiot without rather limited social skills, so instead says things he thinks are appropriate to the current situation. I love the scene, where the news team is loudly expressing their outrage at the hiring of a female reporter and Brick slams his hands onto the desk and yells "LOUD NOISES".

This outfit reminds me of that moment of cinema genius because the colours are bright and they clash, making the whole thing rather loud - Can you hear me over it? I love this skater dress with the open back from H&m, but since I have a rather large bum, it is incredibly short at the back, so no lifting the arms and certainly no bending over unless I want to get something for free (I'm kidding of course).

Skater Dress, H&M - Similar Here.
Shirt, Matalan - Similar Here.
Skinny Belt, New Look - Similar Here.

Sweet Tooth Nails, House of Holland for Elegant Touch - Same Here.

Which movies or TV shows do you like to quote on a daily basis? Trust me when i say there is a 'Simpsons' quote for every situation.

Gems x

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014


It's no secret that I am a big fan of leopard print, the problem is that prostitutes also seem to be a fan of leopard print, well that's what the movies tell me anyway. So I always try to wear my leopard print in a way that doesn't scream 'Street Walker'. I think my keeping it to one leopard print item per outfit you are pretty safe to walk the street without being offered money for unspeakable acts.

This H! by Henry Holland dress is one of my all time favourites, which was bought for my by my boyfriend last year for my 30th birthday. It has such a flattering fit, even with my rather large behind, and has the cute front pockets which I love. It nips in on the perfect spot on the waist and looks just as good with a relaxed shirt underneath.

Dress - H! by Henry Holland - Similar Here.
Shirt - H&M - Same Here.

Cute Necklace, Punky Pins - Similar Here
Sweet Tooth Nails by House of Holland, Elegant Touch - Same Here.

Do you girls love a bit of leopard print as much as me?

Gems x

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