Tuesday, 29 July 2014


What is the deal with bagpipes? Is there anyone in the world that enjoys the sound of them - I imagine they were invented as a medieval torture device or perhaps the earliest assisted suicide machine. Just played for lonely women on a cliff until she can take no more screeching and throws herself to the waves below.

I mention bagpipes, as I seem to be confronted with them everytime I try to watch some Commonwealth Games coverage. Switch channels or streams to get away with it and there is another fellow torturing a crowd of people with his pipes. I suppose if it was a choice between that and Rod Stewart again (see the opening ceremony, or better yet don't), I think I would just chop my ears off (maybe eyes would need a poking too if it was Rod). So yes BBC, there is about 10 sports going on at once, I should never have to hear bagpipes.

Anyway, back to the fashion - I picked up this little number from H&M Conscious Collection on eBay a few months ago, for just a few pound and I am super pleased with it. Black may not seem like an appropriate for summer, but I think you can get away with it if you add a few pops of colour like I did with some vibrant nails, a bold crossbody bag and a pink lip.

The floaty skirt is good for getting a little bit of breeze, but not so good if you don't want to flash people at the bus stop, hence the addition of some tights.

Dress, H&M via eBay - Similar Here.

Elegant Touch House of Holland Nails in Tie Dye For - Same Here.

Have any of you guys made some good second hand purchases recently?

Gems x

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Saturday, 26 July 2014


A few months ago, I left my camera at a jewellery event and have only just got it back. There was several outfit posts stored on the memory card so I am delighted to have it back, especially since so many of the pictures I have taken recenlty have been so heinous. I don't know what happens to my face, it just goes into automatic goofy mode as soon as the camera flashes. Teeth out, gormless expression and camera flash - it causes much amusement to my boyfriend!

Anyway, sorry I have been a poor blogger this week, I have been watching quite a bit of the Commonwealth Games and I have to say the coverage has been dreadful. The sports are great, so why is there so much talking? There is several sports going on at anyone time, I should never have to be bored by dreadful discussions about a race or match I have just watched, or a yawn-inducing explanation on how the medals were made.

When it gets too much, Netflix comes to my rescue - I'm all about this new anime show called 'Knights of Sidonia'. Like most anime it is the weirdest thing ever and totally compelling - humans photosynthesise, some don't have a gender and there are crazy monsters (obviously) all over space.

So back to the clothes, I bought this skirt a few months ago in H&M for just £5.99, bargain right? It is mostly sheer, but with a little modesty skirt underneath. I didn't have the confidence to wear it with bare legs as they look rather awful, and God that shaving thing is annoying isnt it? So I teamed it with some subtle leopard print tights, my favourite vest and some spiked boots.

Sheer Maxi Skirt, H&M - Same Here.
Slogan Vest, H&M - Similar Here.
Leopard Tights, H&M - Similar Here.

Peacock Ore Ring, DYO Fabulous Jewellery - Same Here

Have you guys been watching any Commonwealth action, who are you rooting for?

Gems x

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


I'm going to the cinema tonight to see the new Planet of the Apes movie and if someone doesn't say "Get your paws off me you damn dirty ape!" during the film an usher is going to have some popcorn thrown in their face. I'm looking forward to it, and I will be rooting for the apes, but I can see why some of the humans proper hate them - if it wasn't for that virus James Franco made, you would still be flingling your crap at each other, so don't look down your knows at me...ape jerks!

Anyway, I think I was a little late to the tribal/Aztec print party, but I like to think fashionably late - only the nerds without dates get to the party early. I love this smock dress from the Dorothy Perkins sale, which I picked up for just £7, what a bloody bargain. I've worn it a few times and it is so comfortable for this mini heatwave we have been having here in the UK. The only down side of the sun is that I have seen way more man boobs than I am comfortable with, often in shopping centres too - this isn't the Algarve.

Aztec Smock Dress, Dorothy Perkins - Same Here.

As you can see, I am still loving my false nails - these black and clitter beautys from the House of Holland collection from Elegant Touch are just amazing and they lasted an amazing 9 days before one popped off when I was changing the bed. So, yes I highly reccommend you give them a look for an instant manicure - I particularly like these Press On Abstract Deco nails, so perfect for summer.

Nails - Royal Explosion by House of Holland for Elegant Touch - Same Here.

Name Necklace, Punky Pins - Same Here
Dopamine Necklace, I Love Science Store - Same Here.

What films have you seen at the cinema recently? I saw The Anomaly with Noel Clarke a few weeks ago and it was the best Sci-Fi film I had seen in a long time, so if you get a chance to see it, I would.

Gems x

P.S. Thanks to all the enteries in my Dorothy Perkins givaway, the winner was Kim N and she has been contacted. She is delighted with her win  he birthday is coming up next month. Congratulations Kim, stay tuned for another giveaway soon.

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Sunday, 20 July 2014


Sorry for being a little bit crap on the blog front recently, I have had a few bad days with anxiety and have just been concentrating on getting my confidence back...and napping. If there is one good thing about anxiety, it is that it gives me a good excuse for napping, watching what you want to on the TV, and to not do the cooking - us crazies could be onto something here!

Anyway, today was a good day, so I thought before I put some more David Attenborough nature shows on Netflix and have my Sunday snooze, I would share a little person style to you, because how will you go on with your lives without it? his dress was a birthday treat and at just £12.99 from H&M, a pretty good bargain too. It is a little it more girly than my notmal style, I usually avoid pink like it may be laced with disease, but this one worked for me. It must have been the low back - business up front, party behind!

God, I need a tan...

Floral Skater Dress, H&M - Same Here.

Dopamine Necklace, I Love Science Store- Same Here.
Name Necklace, Punky Pins - Same Here.

I'm after some more cute summer dresses,that can be still worn when it gets colder to spend the remainder of my birthday money one, so would love some recommendations. If I don't spend it soon, I will do the unthinkable and end up spending it on groceries, I'm not Lady Gaga, I cant wear those!

Oh and don't forget you still have a few days to enter my Bithday Competition to win a Dorothy Perkins clutch and necklace, follow the link.

Gems x

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Thursday, 17 July 2014


It was my birthday a little while ago and one of the gifts I recieved was a little miracle tin that has comletely revolutionised my skincare regime. The litlle miracle is STEAMCREAM, a multi-functional cream that can be used on the face, body, hands and feet. Just think, no more buying separate day and night creams for the face, then more creams for hands, body and feet. One cream to rule them all (sorry I watched the Lord of the Rings recently).

STEAMCREAM Affection - Same Here.
This versatile lovely is a totaly revolution - high-quality, all natural ingredients are fused together with a shot of steam (hence the name). This makes the cream really light, meaning that is provides super hyderation, absorbing into the skin in a flash. I have been using it morning and evening for five days now and I have noticed a real different in my skin. There have been no new pesky breakouts and my skin is brighter, softer and smoother. My hands have also seen the benefit, being a lot less dry than normal - I'm expecting it to improve further too. Plus the slight lavander scent is to die for.

Not only is is suitable for all skin types, but it is eco-friendly and all natural, which can only be a good thing. The ingredients are perfect for calming problem skin and for quenching the thirst of dry skin. Orange flower water, oatmeal and vegetable glycerine help hydrate the skin, whilst almond and jojoba oils, and cocoa butter soften and smooth the skins surface. Each tin is lovingly handmade in their product kitchens in the UK and Japan.

Now to the eco part for all the warriors out there. For one, it is an all-in-one cream, reducing the amount of products you need to buy, also reducing the amount of packaging. The tins are gorgeous and are perfect to reuse to store nic nacs once the cream has gone. All the materials used in STEAMCREAM are totally sustainable and the cream has low preservative levels meaning it biodegrades easily. There is no animal testing, they compost organic waste, recylce, and responsibly use energy. Vegans are not left out as STEAMCREAM is approved by the Vegan Society. I think STEAMCREAM may be operated by angels.

At just £12.95 for a tin, or £20 for one of their special duo packs, I think it is a real bargain as a little goes a long way.  I recived the Affection tin, but I am loving some of the others, check out my faves...

1) Vanity; 2) Envy; 3) Richard.
I am thinking about getting one of their super duo packs for my next blog giveaway - is that a prize you would be interested in?

Gems x
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Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Yes leopard print may be my first love (prostitutes can't even ruin it for me - street walker chic all the way, but I do also have a little bit of a soft spot for monochrome. It's something that never goes out of style and is an easy choice for when you're feeling lazy and can't be bothered to put something together. And Lord knows I am lazy, I should have been a cat - I love napping, being stroked behind the ears and serving up half eaten rodents as gifts to my loved ones. Wait not the last one.

This fabulous monochrome shirt was a Christmas present, but I had never worn it, because I just didn't know how. I thought it would look great with some black shorts, but I didn't have any - I did have some old black jeans from H&M that were way past their prime, so I chopped the legs off them and voila, new black shorts. Sustainable shorts that were free...that one is for you environment.

Sorry about the picture quality, I'm using the bf's camera at the moment and since it is way fancier than mine, I have no idea what I'm doing.

Sleeveless Shirt, Alice & You - Similar Here
Shorts - Made from old H&M jeans,

Biker Jacket, Matalan - Similar Here
Shoes, Principles - Similar Here
Studded Bag - Birthday Gift Last Year

Bracelets - New Look, H&M and Prairie Charms

Dopamine Necklace, I Love Science Store - Same Here.
Name Necklace, Punky Pins - Same Here.

Have you re-purposed any of your old clothes?

Don't forget to enter my competition to win a Dorothy Perkins Clutch and Matching Necklace, just follow the link.

Gems x

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Saturday, 12 July 2014


Well I made a bunch of you jealous,  by telling you that the boyfriend took me on a shopping spree for my birthday last week, and since that jealousy totally fuels my power cells, I though I would try and get a bit more by showing you what he bought me.

To be honest, I was pretty disappointed in what the stores had to offer, that could be because it is mid-season and they are trying to get rid of their crap before the new season starts. But, I did get some little gems and the boyfriend was very patient as I dragged him around...

First up is this little jersey skater dress from H&M - I have never been a lover of pink, but I do love the over-sized floral print and deep back. Now I just need some sun to wear it in, oh wait here's some...and it's gone!

Skater Dress, H&M - Same Here.
Next up was Primark, people may not like the whole disposable fashion thing, and that's fine, but my wardrobe would be very empty without it as I don't have a designer budget. Primark is great to pick up those few pieces to boost up your summer wardrobe and this floral shift (which you can see I have already featured here) and a couple of great tops, I particularly love the sporty chiffon number. I was also delighted with my Rolling Stones pajamas, which you can see on my Instagram feed.

Dress and Tops, Primark - In Stores Now

The finally clothing store I had success in was Dorothy Perkins as their sale was on and I can't resist a good rummage and found this lovely smock dress for just £7 in the sale. And don't forget I also got a clutch bag and necklace (not from the sale) that I am giving away, just follow the link to the competition.

Smock Dress, Dorothy Perkins - Same Here.
No birthday would be complete without some books to read over the summer and I have been excited about these 3 for a while, particularly the sequel to The Shining, Dr Sleep. I will be sure to let you know what I think of them when I have read any of them...you can get some really good deals in WH Smith right now, including half price bestsellers.

Finally, I managed to get the lovely bf to buy me a lip scrub from Lush, I had been wanting one for ages and the fact that he thinks they are totally bogus, it was made all the sweeter. The bubblegum one smells divine and I cannot wait to try it...expect a review soon.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub, Lush - Same Here.
Am I lucky or what? What guys have you been buying, or wanting to buy recently?

Gems x

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014


So, as you know it was my birthday on Sunday and I turned 31 - how that happened I still don't know, that pact I made the Devil was essentially useless, who would think you couldn't trust the Devil. To distract me from my fledgling wrinkles and my growing obsession with Storage Hunters - I hate almost everyone on it but I just have to know what is in those storage bins - the boyfriend took me on a shopping spree.

This abstract floral dress from Primark is one of the many things I picked - I loved the slightly relaxed shape, the cute sleeves and the awesome print, that is floral but not girly. I popped a thin waist belt on with it to nip in some of the extra material around the waist as my mine is so small and the material was quite stiff so it looked a little odd - like I was hiding something weird under there.

Also, it's the premiere of my ombre hair on the blog, what do you guys think?

Shift Dress, Primark - In Stores Now
Skinny Belt, New Look - Similar Here.

'Gems' Necklace, Punky Pins - Same Here
Dopamine Necklace, I Love Science Store - Same Here.
Don't forget to enter my competition to win a Dorothy Perkins clutch and necklace, you have until the 22nd of July.

Gems x

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Monday, 7 July 2014


It was my birthday yesterday - I turned 31 and I honestly don't know how that happened, I was 19 just yesterday, I'm sure of it - and I was really spoiled, especially by the boyfriend, who took me on a shopping spree and even bought me a couple of things to giveaway on my blog. Did I hit the jackpot or what? And he is younger (not much younger at 29, but I am still counting him as my delicious toy boy).

Amongst the lovely things he bought me that day, included a lovely smock dress from the Dorothy Perkins that was a bargain £7 in the sale. Whilst in there I saw a lovely clutch bag and thought it would be great as a giveaway to my readers because it was a gorgeous colour and perfect for summer. I wanted something a little bit extra to help you lovely people celebrate my birthday with me, so I picked up this matching necklace.

So I'm giving away these two lovely accessories to add a pop of colour to any outfit. The competition is open to international entries and will close on the 22nd of July at 10pm. If you want to win, grab yourself some multiple entries below with the rafflecopter widget...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A winner be chosen at random and will be announced and contacted on the 23rd of July and must respond within 48 hours otherwise another winner will be selected. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Good luck everyone

Gems x

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Thursday, 3 July 2014


I bet every fashion blogger who reads this post (thanks for stopping by, why don't I see you more often, too good for me now are you?) will have a number of outfit shoots stored away in the hard drives of their computer, destined never to see the light of day, because you just don't think they are good enough. Is that food on my face? When did that happen to my hair? I should have checked my skirt wasn't tucked into my knickers when I left the bathroom.

I have so many of these, but I didn't want to see them go to waste - you're not allowed to waste things these days, it's against the law or something. Soon we will have campaign groups protesting for the forgotten and neglected photographs, rotting away within cameras and computers, just desperate for some love. So at the risk of embarrassing myself and showing you all how crypt keeper-ish I can look when the light hits me wrong, here are some neglected outfit posts...

Wearing sunglasses so large they are almost a comedy novelty and indoors as well, oh Gemma no!
Dress, H&M
Bag, Primark
Necklace, Punky Pins
I seem to recall rejecting these pictures as I though it looked like I had huge clown feet!
Shirt, H&M
Jeans, Dorothy Perkins
Trainers, Converse
 I like everything about this except the jeans, why is the crotch so low? Like seriously!
Shirt, Warehouse.
Jeans, H&M

Loafers Matalan
A top way so see through that your little pot belly is visible - nice job Gemma.
T-Shirt - Primark

Skirt - Discount Store
Drag queen-esque make-up and goofy teeth on show, not the best in beauty!
Top, Primark
Denim Shorts, H&M

I thought this outfit was too boring, but it is my classic everyday style so I feel bad for ignoring it, a little dishonest even.
Shirt, H&M
Jeans, Primark
I was in a blogging funk when these pictures were taken, they never made it out!
Dress, H&M
Creepers, Tribecca Shoes
There are even more forgotten outfits to come, I am so neglectful of my poor pictures. I would love to see some similar posts from fellow fashion bloggers, so find some love for those lost photos an leave me the link.

Gems x

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