Wednesday, 10 April 2013


It is quite a claim, but it is also true. Although these trousers are probably my all-time favourite, it is an absolute mission to get them on. Regular readers will know that I'm not coming up short in the bum fact genetics has been rather generous to me when it comes to the arse. Since the zip is at the back of these trousers its a case of stuffing the cheeks in and forcing the zip up, little by little.

Yes they are tight and sitting for long periods of time in them could lead to me blowing out a seam, but I love them anyway. It was rather a bad hair day if I recall, my hair was sticking flat to my dreadfully lumpy head (seriously it's like the surface of the moon) so I had to pop some extensions in for a messy side-plait.

Shirt, H&M - Similar Here.
Trousers, H&M - Similar Here.

Ancient Belt, H&M
Bracelets, Prairie Charms and Matalan
Rings, Church Charity Event.
Big bum and little boobs - it kinda works out?!?

Gems x


  1. You look a-mazing, definitely worth the effort getting them done up! xx

  2. you look utterly fantastic! x

  3. We've all got a pair of trews like this, when they're eventually squeezed on don't you get that wonderful sense of achievement? Haha! These are well worth the effort, they're lovely xxx

  4. this is def fashion well done! Bravo love it!!

  5. I love the pants and I do not think your bum is big at all! You have a lovely shape to you! Great outfit and hope you have a good night! xx Pip

  6. love the pants and the shirt color :)

  7. Amazing outfit :)

    Love the thin and light fabrics you were and then that amazing pants :)
    It's beautiful and I also like your flats !!

    Looking forward to your new post !

    Have a Happy Thursday !

    Kisses !


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