Wednesday, 28 October 2015


How do I know when winter has arrived? I start tucking my tops into my underwear, instead of just my trousers, as I feel like I need that extra layer of protection. Winter is here, as my tops are now all firmly tucked into my knickers to prevent any drafts, or as my grandma used to say "cold on your kidneys" - she didnt like those low slung jeans me and my sister wore in our teenage years.

So the parka has come has come out of storage (i.e. where it has been crammed under my bed), the biker boots are on, and the wooly hats that make me feel like a cute little gnome adorn my head daily...I don't deal well with the cold, or the heat for that matter, like a typical Brit. I want to be room temperature at all times...I'm not your typical Geordie that will go out without a coat on in a blizzard, well not anymore.

Parka, Noisy May - Similar Here.
Tartan Tee, Select -  Similar Here.
Faux Leather Trousers, H&M - Similar Here
Biker Boots, New Look - Similar Here.
Wrap up because, Baby it's cold outside...

Gems x

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


I've fancied myself as a bit of a fashion designer many times, not all of them successful. There was the time I bleached my jeans and smelled like a toilet for a week, or the time I turned my denim jacket into a vest and looked like George Michael, circa 1989. But I still think I will be having a go at the competition from Joules to design their own pair of the iconic Joules wellies. The winner will get their design put into production....yes actual production, to buy on the website ( all the proceeds going to CHARITABLY JOULES. A great little competition for a great cause.

But doing good for mankind, is not the only incentive to enter. The winner will win a £5000 luxury forest holiday for 3 days in a golden oak treehouse (imagine all the luxury £5000 will get you...oh my). Ten runners up will receice a £250 joules gift card...amazing!!

Now where are my coloured pencils, and where are my wellies and the nearest puddle for inspiration...

Send your enteries in via this link, and maybe see me splashing about in puddles in them, one day soon.

Good Luck to all the budding designers...especially me!!



The double denim look - also known as the hillbilly tuxedo (sorry Cletus) has always been a look that has passed me by. Because I have huge teeth, I often feel like I look goofy enough, without taking on the hillbilly favourite, denim just everywhere. A stick of corn in my mouth and an attractive cousin by my side and I would be all set. Am I sterotyping a bit?

Denim Shirt Dress (tucked in), Boohoo - Same Here.
Skinny Jeans -Primark
 I'm sorry for the poor quality pictures - I think I have lost my confidence in front of the camera, convinced I am losing my looks as each ay of my 30's progresses. Soon I will become Mrs Havisham-esque - hiding away in a darkened room, covered in dust and a raggedy wedding dress that I will never wear up an aisle, as no man would ever marry my ugle ass.

I also have a double denim look in all grey, you know that colour that really suits my littering personality.

Does double denim work for you? How do you wear it?

Gems x

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


As regular readers will know, earlier this year I became an Auntie for the first time, and it has easily been the best thing that has happened to me so far in my life. So when a few months ago, my sister asked me if I would be a Guide Parent for little Imogen at her Naming Day, I was pee-in-my-pants delighted. The little cutie pie means the world to me, and I love spending time with her, she is such a character and she makes me laugh constantly.

For the special occasion I wore a lovely blue lace dress from Missguided and surprised myself by reading the promises I'd written without any nerves, in front of a lot of people.

In case anyone needs some inspiration for naming day promises, why not take a little look at mine...prepare for epic soppyness...

Imogen, first of all I promise my love, complete and unconditional. I promise to nurture your interests and inspire you're imagination, and to be your partner in crime.

When you need to rest your head, I promise to lend you my shoulder to lean on. When you need someone to hear you, I promise to lend you my ears. And when you need comfort I promise to always open my arms to you.

I promise that your laugh will be my greatest joy, and to watch you grow is my greatest privilege. And finally, I promise that you inspire me to be a better person, so I can be the role model you deserve.

I love you my little chicken.
Auntie Gems x

Friday, 9 October 2015


I've made no secret of my love for American Streetwear label, Raccoon Brand. I'm a big fan of those cheeky raccoons, and all the mischeivious antics they get up to. I have plenty of garms from the uber cool brand, but my all time favourite has to be this chilled out smoking dude, despite the fact that he is way cooler than I am - I would describe my level of coolness as 'Hobbit Enthusiast'.

Cardigan, F&F - Similar Here.
Jeans and Belt - Primark

I've learned to accept that I'm never going to be one of the cool kids - I watch documentaries on electricty...for fun, have an obsession for anime, and read science fiction novels, as well as gushing to anyone who will listen about the latest scientific discoveries. Look at this hi-res picture of Pluto...LOOK AT IT!!!

Speaking of being a book worm, I'm looking for some new book suggestions, something a little different. Let me know in the comments.

Gems x

Monday, 5 October 2015



Anyone who knows me will know that I get the most pleasure out of the simple things in life - a cup of tea, a good book, and five minutes to myself to paint my nails. By the way, the used book addiction has got seriously out of hand...I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more, and then I bought nine's a good job I don't have much of a life and therrefore have plenty of time to read them. I have already started 'The Farm' by Tom Rob Smith, and it is quite the page turner. I almost sacraficed my Sunday nap for it...I didn't obviously.

So, when it comes to painting my nails, I have been favoring metallic shades recently and Poundland, have a surprisingly large collection of nail varnishes, and some gorgeous colours. This rose gold shade caught my eye and it is a great little polish for the price. Two coats is all that is needed, and it dries super quick, as well as being pretty resisstant to chipping, which is useful for a clutz like me.

Another line of nail polishes I have been impressed with, is from Kiki Cosmetics,They have a great range for just £2.50, including this delightful mermaid shade, that survived an afternoon of decorating. I will definitely be adding more to my collection, or recieving them gratefully as Christmas gifts...hint, hint!

What budget beauty buys would you reccommend? Gems x