Monday, 8 April 2013


Has anyone noticed that it's April and it's still freezing? It's still so cold that I have to still sit around in my Nana blanket. I want to be going into coffee shops and order fancy pants iced drinks, not hot chocolates, although the whipped cream is a bonus. I don't want to be chained to my bra all day long, but with icy nipples that could cut glass, it's best to keep them under wraps.

Anyway, I'm still obsessed with '90s-style fashion and this week, I'm all about the tie-dye. Yes it looks gross and a bit too hippy when it is in that dreadful rainbow variation, but I am all over the more subtle versions and was happy to get it all over me when I picked up this bargain through Ebay.

I wore this outfit for a catch-up with an old friend, which was awesome - we laughed about the old stuff and some new stuff too. Good Times!

Dress, Cameo Rose via ebay - Similar Here.
Shirt (worn underneath dress), Glamorous - Similar Here.

What have you guys done recently that has made you smile?

Gems x


  1. Love the tie dye! I had my first ice cream of the year yesterday, it made me smile but it was a bit too cold for it really! xx

  2. Amazing dress. I can't wait for the summer- i usually gravitas it's all bright and people get all burnt but I can't wait to be warm.


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