Wednesday, 28 October 2015


How do I know when winter has arrived? I start tucking my tops into my underwear, instead of just my trousers, as I feel like I need that extra layer of protection. Winter is here, as my tops are now all firmly tucked into my knickers to prevent any drafts, or as my grandma used to say "cold on your kidneys" - she didnt like those low slung jeans me and my sister wore in our teenage years.

So the parka has come has come out of storage (i.e. where it has been crammed under my bed), the biker boots are on, and the wooly hats that make me feel like a cute little gnome adorn my head daily...I don't deal well with the cold, or the heat for that matter, like a typical Brit. I want to be room temperature at all times...I'm not your typical Geordie that will go out without a coat on in a blizzard, well not anymore.

Parka, Noisy May - Similar Here.
Tartan Tee, Select -  Similar Here.
Faux Leather Trousers, H&M - Similar Here
Biker Boots, New Look - Similar Here.
Wrap up because, Baby it's cold outside...

Gems x


  1. I love your coat, it looks SO snug! x

  2. You definitely look ready for winter. I love the top here.

  3. Haha aw my grandma said the same: "Always keep your kidneys warm!" That was more important than life!! :D
    I love your shirt cus I'm such a sucker for anything plaid! The jacket looks so warm and cosy too! Fab look!

    Bad Taste Toast - A German/Australian Style Blog

  4. You look so snuggly! I think I'm over doing it with the layers at the moment, I'm melting on public transport haha.

    T x

  5. Tartan looks oh so stunning on you Gems! You always work winter pieces so stylishly well, especially parkas. Loving your gorgeous hat, and the biker boots are so fashionably fierce! The perfect Winter babe if ever there was one <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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