Wednesday, 21 October 2015


The double denim look - also known as the hillbilly tuxedo (sorry Cletus) has always been a look that has passed me by. Because I have huge teeth, I often feel like I look goofy enough, without taking on the hillbilly favourite, denim just everywhere. A stick of corn in my mouth and an attractive cousin by my side and I would be all set. Am I sterotyping a bit?

Denim Shirt Dress (tucked in), Boohoo - Same Here.
Skinny Jeans -Primark
 I'm sorry for the poor quality pictures - I think I have lost my confidence in front of the camera, convinced I am losing my looks as each ay of my 30's progresses. Soon I will become Mrs Havisham-esque - hiding away in a darkened room, covered in dust and a raggedy wedding dress that I will never wear up an aisle, as no man would ever marry my ugle ass.

I also have a double denim look in all grey, you know that colour that really suits my littering personality.

Does double denim work for you? How do you wear it?

Gems x


  1. I love a bit of double denim, sadly none of my jeans fit right now! Looking amazing xx

  2. I love double denim! Makes me think of Britney & Justin. :)

    Tara x

  3. Actually did a snort at Hillbilly Tuxedo! I think you look fab! I'm also a bit scared of the DD look but just bought a denim Levi coat so might just take the plunge!

  4. I totally love double denim look but only on others, I personally dont feel very comfortable wearing 100% denim.



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