Sunday, 17 August 2014


I am really trying to get outside to take some photographs for the blog, but when my own confidence is not holding me back, the weather is conspiring against me. When I took to the streets in this amazing Aria Neon Floral Capped Sleeve Jumpsuit from my online favourite Boohoo, the wind was surely at tornado level - my legs were almost whipped from underneath me in a comedy stylee a few times.

Neon Floral Jumpsuit, Boohoo - Same Here.
Biker Jacket, Matalan - Similar Here.
Nails, Primark - In store now for just £1

I notice lots of people giving me the eye in my jumpsuit - they were either jealous of the neon loveliness, or thought I was a little bit mad for wearing something so bright; the mad illusion wasn't helped by the birds nest hair caused by the aforementioned wind. I don't care what people thought, I love my Boohoo beauty - it fits like a dream, yet it is so comfortable and the colours just blow my mind.

Are you a fan of neon brights?

Gems x
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  1. Oh my goodness Gems I love this gorgeous Boohoo beauty! <3

    The print is just so different and stand-out from any other print out there! This is why I love Boohoo, the store is so relevant and popular, yet they always emerge with such unique pieces that are both unexpected and exciting! You look so pretty, loving the ombre contrast of your hair to the jazzy colours of the jumpsuit, perf ;) Your aztec nails just add the perfect finish. Good for you for conquering your confidence and capturing so many beautiful photos, you've done yourself proud girl! ;)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  2. I loveeee this outfit Gemma, the jumpsuit suits you so well! x

  3. Wow this outfit is gorgeous! I ALMOST bought my first ever jumpsuit last week but I wasn't completely convinced it suited me from every angle. It looked so lovely head on but from the side I wasn't convinced it was flattering ... I think I'm just yet to find the perfect fit.

  4. I've just bought my first jumpsuit since the 80's. It's black though.

    I have a few bits of neon in my wardrobe. Nothing as awesome as that jumpsuit. I don't shop on Boohoo. I forget it exists.


  5. I have to say the new range from Boohoo is really nice. Love how you've matched your nails to the jumpsuit.


  6. Love the jumpsuit and the nails are fab for the price!

  7. I'm a huge fan of bright neon colors!! This looks lovely on you! Shame about the wind! Weather is so unpredictable sometimes. You still got some amazing shots though! Also, your nails look amazing!! <3


  8. That's a fun jumpsuit! Love the colours and print and your matching nail design! Really cool touch with the leather jacket!
    I know what you mean: either I don't have time to take outdoor pics or if I do it's raining and storming.

  9. I love it, both the colours and the pattern. Nothing wrong with standing out Gem.

    X x

  10. Hahaha, I hate windy days, make my hair look like a racoon :D And oh my, that jumpsuit is an eye catcher, no wonder everyone were staring!

  11. Love, love this jumpsuit Gems, and how fab are your nails! They look so fun matched to the jumpsuit!

    This jumpsuit has such a cool, unique print and the bright colors are so pretty. Love the way it fits you, your waist looks so, so tiny!! Good on you for not caring what people thought. They were most definitely jealous, or simply couldn't resist looking at you, taking how great you rocked this piece!! :D :D You look stunning.

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  12. Wowza, it's amazing! You have such an incredible figure, you look hella cool.

    Tara x

  13. I know I've said this on Twitter but I LOVE this jumpsuit on you!

  14. Love this look - the jumpsuit is perfect and how cute are the nails!! :)

    Layla xx


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