Monday, 11 August 2014


A few weeks ago I shared with you a selection of outfit posts that I had deemed unfit for the blog back when they were first taken. There was many reasons the photos had been rejected - make up was drag queen like, I look too nerdy and butch in my glasses, the lighting was poor or you could see my little jelly roll, the result of years of cake abuse.

What I learned from this experience is that the flaws I so often see in myself are not visible to others. What you may see as a flaw other may see as something beautiful - I've long been a little bit conscious of my big ass teeth, but really, why worry they are nice and straight and have no staining. Plus I am sure to beat anyone in an apple bobbing contest.

So if you have discarded pitures because you think you look awful in them, I can tell you it is a cathartic experience just putting them out there, so here are so more to laugh at or enjoy, your choice...

How could I forget about my Topshop tea dress? I'm so sorry baby, I will never hurt you again.
Faux Fur Coat, Next.

I often feel a total dingus in my glasses, hence the eyes on the floor 'Dont Look At Me!'
Tee, Waxed Jeans and Metallic Vest, all H&M.
I just couldn't cope with the raggedy hair extensions in these pictures and I still hadn't mastered the tripod.
Printed Vest, Cheap Monday.
Printed Jeans, Dorothy Perkins.
Open Shirt, H&M
Checked Jacket, USC.
Rushed make-up application makes for a dirty lookin face, but I really do love this casual look, I'm sorry I neglected you.
'True Love' Tee, ASOS.
Leatherette Trousers, H&M
Over-the-knee Boots, New Look
Satchel, Next.
So many emotions in one set of photos, from super happy to fearful perhaps?!
Faux Fur Jacket and Short Sleeved Sweater, Next.
Zip Detail Shirt, ASOS
Skinny Jeans, Levis.

I've always been a bit conscious of my boyish physique (no boobs), and I think this outfit accentuates my lack of curves up top.
Striped Shirt, H&M
Blue Jeans, Dorothy Perkins

Studded Loafers, Matalan.
I absolutly love this dress and this outfit, but for some reasom my lips are black in almost every picture, what is that?
Dress and Tights, H&M.
I have never been comfortable with my bare legs, white, veiny and always riddled with mystery bruises :)
Dress, H&M.
So if you do decide to share some of your less than favourite pictures on your blog, please leave me the link, I would love to see them. I bet they are no where near as bad as you think.

Gems x

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  1. I really love the green dress! You're right! Your lips do look black, but I love it!! It actually works with the outfit! :)

    It's really brave of you to put pics up that you feel self-conscious about! Honestly, I feel really self conscious about close-up pics of my face because I have an extremely noticeable scar. It sucks. And now that I'm doing YouTube video's It's even worse because it's all I can see. Still getting over it! :) Really inspirational post. <3

  2. I see nothing wrong with these look gorgeous in all of them! I love the Topshop tea dress x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. The first dress is way too perfect and we're loving all of these photos. Looking gorgeous :)
    xx 365hangers

  4. My favorite quote: Whoever is perfect belongs in a museum! Amen to that! Imperfections are what I look for in people, I'm so sick of perfect bodies and faces and hair,look normal once in a while!
    I do love these outfit, I don't have any boobies either, so I feel ya! :D

  5. Another wonderful, commendable post that truly lets us see what a brave, inspirational and beautiful girl you are on the inside as well as the outside Gems! As was the case before, I totally love all of these and would never have even noticed the things you pointed out; which proves your point that these flaws we feel ourselves go unnoticed to others most of the time. The second set of photos are my favourite; I think they are so casual, stylish and beautifully shot! The glasses really suit you, giving your look a different edge that I really like, plus the artistic backdrop with all those trees is just too gorgeous. Leather trousers suit you and your frame so well, and the maxi dress from H&M is a real beaut! The style is just beautiful. I really love the black lips, however intentional or not, they really give the look a pretty gothic edge! <3

    I'm sure you will inspire a ton of girls to bite the bullet and post photos they aren't too fond of, ones that they feel critical about, all because you've done so with such ease and encouragement. A massive well done, you should feel so proud of yourself xo

    Sophie | soinspo

  6. You look fabulous in all these photos. I know it's hard to see it yourself, but you really do. I like the one best when you're looking out to camera and smiling.

  7. You have such a beautiful figure and your makeup always looks fierce! I take a milllion snaps before I find one I like because I'm so self-crtical. I really love that stripey/cobalt blue look. COAT TWINS FOREVER.

    Tara xo

  8. love your style! its super hip and rad! love it!

  9. Awesome collection of looks! I love the two with the t-shirts, the Cheap Monday and "True Love" - so grungy and cool! :)

  10. Haha, I love this idea . I was reallly struggling to take some photos of a new tshirt yesterday, so all of those would end up in one of these posts!

  11. I usually have white, veiny, bruised legs. Let's make them a fashionable thing!

    Most of my outfit photos are bad!


  12. are all amazing
    you looks so stunning.
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  13. Love all these photos and outfits Gemma! You really do look flawless! I can definitely relate to your feelings, I'm often way too hard on myself as well, but the way I look at it, is that I don't want to be "perfect". I think that there are already enough "perfect" girls in the blogosphere and I kinda feel that It makes others feel a bit crappy when they see someone with perfect skin, perfect figure, perfect nose, perfect hair etc. I also agree that a lot of things that I may not like about myself, others hardly ever notice or maybe even like (like my accent, I hate it, but everyone else seems to love it, don't know why, haha). I think you look stunning in every single photo. And I really mean that!

    The reason why I love reading blogs so much is the fact that everyone is different, everyone has a different style, different beauty. How boring would it be if we were all the same? It wouldn't be fun at all! Great, great post!! <3

    My beauty and lifestyle blog

  14. All your looks are fab but I lovet he 1st one as I love that dress x


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