Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Sorry for the lack of posting this week, I have been really run down for a few days and really busy for the other few - doesn't it suck when life gets in the way of what you really want to do, like nothing, or being in your pajamas whilst doing nothing, or eating chocolate in your pajamas and doing nothing. You see what I'm trying to say.

Did everyone have a wonderful Easter break? You will still be wiping chocolate off your face if it was truly successful. I do have a question though, how do eggs and rabbits come together? Did the rabbit do it with the chicken to get the chocolate eggs? I bet Keit from Beauty in Insanity has an opinion, she usually has a quirky and unique take on things :)

Anyway on to the fashion bit - the outfits often featured here are fairly smart and pretty, but I am a huge lover of casual fashion, because I am still a tomboy at heart, the one that wore tracksuits and no make-up until I was almost 18. All evidence of those days should be burned. Anyhoo, I do love to sometimes just through on some boyfriend jeans, a vest and some sneakers to mooch around town.

I love my Primark vest, even the fact that my bra kept popping out to say hello, does not put me off it. I do love the odd skull and it is perfect to team with my grungy checked shirt and ripped jeans.

Vest, Primark.
Open Checked Shirt, H&M - Similar Here.
Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, New Look - Similar Here.
Leather-Look Biker, Matalan - Similar Here.

Models Own Ice Neon in Bubblegum - Same Here.
Maybelline Color Show Crystallize in Nearly Black - Same Here.
So what are your casual go-to basics?

Gems x
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  1. Oooh, that biker is cute! It reminds me of one from River Island. I love casual clothing too but I also went through a sporty phase between the ages of 12-15 haha!

    Tara x

  2. Looks great! Also love your Nail Design!


  3. I love eating chocolate in my pyjamas lol....! That nail varnish is lovely x

  4. Haha chocolate, pjs, I know exactly what you mean ;)
    Love your casual outfit and that it looks a bit 90s grunge style. So cool with the beanie and jacket!
    My casual favourites are definitely jeans and plaid shirts and band shirts!

  5. Great denim!

  6. HahahA! :D There was a South Park episode on the whole Easter weirdness. I think that the whole bunnies, eggs stuff originated from the pagan Goddess Eostre. She was the goddess of Spring/ April/ Cute animals etc :D
    Wow, loving that cool necklace and the tartan shirt. And your hair is so pretty and flowy, I wish mine was this pretty!
    Btw, I was meaning to write you an email, thanking you for telling me about SEO. :D I just applied some small techniques on the bloggy, hope they help :D

    1. Yeah, that's not my hair, they are clip in hair extensions I use on a bad hair day...I'm a big fat phoney :)
      You're welcome Keit, anytime you want some help or advice, let me know :)

  7. I love the proper grunge look (not the current description of grunge). Ripped jeans, plaid shirt and a bra on show is how it should be. Love it!

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  9. love your look and that mani is very pretty x

  10. My comfy go-to look is pretty similar to yours, jeans or leggings with a vest and oversized shirt :) xx


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