Wednesday, 16 April 2014


First I have to say a huge thank you for all the really moving responses on my previous post, I was close to tears reading them, as I didn't know how many of you lovely bloggers had and still are struggling with similar issues. I know there is still a stigma attached to mental illness, but it is not something you need to be ashamed of and it certainly does not make you weak or less worthy than anyone else. Never blame yourself, it is not something you do on purpose, it is something that has happened to you that you could not control and keep fighting!

So after that rather serious opening, lets get back to the really important The web designer extraordinaire that is my boyfriend thought I deserved a little treat, so he put a few notes in my hand and told me to have a fun afternoon browsing around town.

Of course my first stop was Primark because I have been seriously crushing on their Summer collection, I don't care if ten other girls on the bus will be wearing the same thing, I just have to make sure I wear it with more attitude than anyone else - I'm talking Mick Jagger level attitude. I bought a couple of things, a gorgeous shift dress in a psychedelic neon print and a long-line casual vest in a lovely mint green.

Then I skipped on down to H&M, where ai found a great maxi skirt for just £5.99 - you can't really see it in the picture, but it is mostly sheer with a split on either side, very sexy. Now we just need some sun to I can blind you all with my pearly white legs - look directly at them at your own risk.


I'm a huge fan of painting my nails, it breaks up the long days staring at my computer going all fuzzy eyed at the letters swimming off the page, so when I saw that Superdrug had 3 for 2 on all Models Own, I had to pick up a few shades - Blueberry Muffin, Blue Glint one of their Beetlejuice shades. I have to say their Hyper Gel shades are amazing, they feel so smooth and are super shiny!

I have also been really lucky on Ebay and in charity shops recently so stay tuned for another haul post, it may be my last for a while after getting cleared out by bills - being a grown up sucks!

What have you guys been purchasing recently?

Gems x

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  1. AAAwww, such a sweet boyfriend!!!! I just forced mine into getting me a cool dress for my Birthday, good ol times!
    Love the new purchases, especially the psychedelic dress and I'm sure you'll be styling it better than most girls! :P
    I have pearly white legs too, mine have huge blue veins though, I win! :D

  2. Oh wow, that maxi skirt is an absolute bargain!! <3

    Tara x

  3. Wow that primark dress, what a cool print! And that H&M maxi skirt! Such a bargain.

    Soul Sparkler

  4. Loving the dress, that pattern is amazing!

    X x

  5. In love with that maxi skirt, what a fantastic find, not to mention a beauty of a bargain!

    Also adore the nail polishes, especially Blue Glint, what a stunning shade <3

    Sophie | soinspo xx

  6. So many gorgeous items and I just LOVE what you said about wearing your clothes with attitude :)


  7. I didn't know you were back to blogging so this is great. I just read your previous post and I can relate to you so much. I am also very proud of you for coming through so much and continuing to make progress with mental illness. I still struggle a lot with depression and anxiety and I have tried pretty much everything and nothing makes it better. I feel very hopeless most of the time. I'd like to write about it on my blog more but I often don't know how to so I really respect you for writing about it. On another note I love what you purchased here, it all looks wonderful!

  8. I love the mint vest...loving the pastels x

  9. You bought amazing things :)

  10. Wow, greta buys! I can already see the shift dress and aqua-blue nail polish in an outfit! I bet they look fantastic together! :)

  11. I love that Primark dress, it's so funky! And I really want to try one of those HyperGel polishes xxx

  12. that shift dress is awesome, so lovely x


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