Monday, 24 March 2014


Sorry for a little bit of an absence over the last week, I have just been absolutely snowed under with work and things to do, I haven't had any spare time to sit down and blog, which sucks. That is one of the hard things about being a freelancer, if you don't work, you don't get paid, so you don't get a lot of time to yourself. On the other hand, it does make you more appreciative of your evenings relaxing and long Sunday afternoon snoozes (no one can snooze like me).

So with some of my precious time to myself, I decided to mess about with my nails and try a little something different. Inspired by Channel $'s recent 'Space' season (how amazing was the live lap around the planet, courtesy of the International Space Station), I went for sparkly black and silver together. The pictures were taking after I removed the nail varnish from all over my hand...seriously it was everywhere, I'm the twitchiest, shakiest person I know.


So If you haven't already guessed, I'm a total space nerd, what brings out you're inner nerd?

Gems x


  1. Hi dear!! I really enjoy your blog, its SO COOL!!
    Your style is so perfect :)
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  2. Your nails are so pretty! I didn't watch that programme, space scares me haha! xx

  3. I'm shaky handed too- so I no longer paint my fingernails as I always take off too much mess :( these are SO cool I want to try them in my feet :)

  4. Oh very cute nail polish!

  5. Your nailpolish endeavors turned out to be beautiful sparkly nail art despite any twitching or shaking you may have encountered. I hadn't guessed you were a total space nerd. Do you like the Nasa Hubbell telescope photos? Galaxy prints? Star Wars? Carl Sagan? Men In Black? Star Treck?

  6. We all have a life other than in the blogging world so it's okay to be away for some time. hehe :)
    anyway, i think this is fantastic! love all the glitters! :)


  7. The sparkly black is lovely!! I love space everything too but I think it just makes us cool (written like a true nerd).

    Tara x

  8. ooh la la! i love this color!

  9. i dont know girl, i can snooze pretty well ;) haha and i love your nails, they're so glitzy!

    xo marlen
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