Friday, 14 March 2014


I m so terrible at taking pictures for outfit posts by myself, I really should think about getting a tripod for my camera. I just rest it on something, set the timer and hope for the best. Most of the time it falls over and I end up getting a shot of the ceiling. I really need to start getting out on the weekends, to take some pictures outside, since there is finally some sun out there. I've jinxed it now haven't I?

I also think I need to get in shape, I should not be aching all over from giving the flat a good clean yesterday. In my defense I did pull one of the muscles tripping whilst shaking out the duvet and one of my legs is sore from bashing it off the bed, also known as the 'Shin-Shredder'.

Anyway, back to the dress - I love the over-the-top print (that's how the inside of my brain probably looks) and the midi length - but I'm still not sure I can get away with the bodycon style dress, because I'm flat of chest, but huge of ass (by comparison). I think it looks like two mismatched bodies have been stuck together.

Bodycon Midi Dress, New Look - Similar Here.

How do you guys feel about the bodycon? Has it had it's day and should move over for the skater dress?

Gems x


  1. I'm really not one for bodycon on myself but do think it looks good on others. I adore the print on this dress xx

  2. wow what an amazing dress and looks fab on you x

  3. I love that dress. I'm too big for bodycon. I'll wear fitted but not bodycon.

    I think any age can wear bodycon but skater dresses are for the young. I think they look wrong on older women. So bodycon will be around for longer than skaters. It's a more classic look.

  4. Hahaha, I get muscle aches when I climb the stairs, I really need to work out too! :D Love the comic dressy, it's extremely interesting and adore the sexy shape!

  5. Haha that's how I take my photos! I think you suit body con really well xxx

  6. The colourful and artistic cartoon print and the styling of your Bodycon dress is beautiful and you look gorgeous in it! You have a fabulous figure. Your hair and makeup are very pretty too. I think you will look fantastic in whatever outfit you feel like wearing whether it's bodycon, or skater dresses or whatever other fashion suits your fancy.

  7. Bodycon terrifies me. I just don't have the shape for it. Stupidly I bought a bodycon skirt from H&M a while ago and am wearing it today and I'm close to tears when I catch sight of it.
    This comic dress looks amazing on you, though.


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