Wednesday, 5 February 2014


This week I have been thinking a lot about the real woman debate. When a woman has curves she tend to be defined as a 'real woman', so what does that make a woman like me, someone who has the curves of a chopstick. Although I have a fairly rounded bum, that really didn't develop until my twenties, when I got lazy. Until then I had a very small boyish frame, and even now that I am 30, i feel more like a girl than a woman.

I understand that modern media does seem to set a lot of unattainable ideals of beauty onto young girls and that is not fair. But, is it equally fair to deem someone like me who has a small frame a 'twig', in a way, isn't that just as harmful, I would love to have curves, but it something that it an unrealistic idea of beauty for me to attain.

I'm sure plenty of people will be rolling their eyes and saying 'Oh it must be so hard for you' in their most sarcastic of tones, but when your being told left right and center that your not a real woman and that 'bones are for dogs', it can give you a negative body image if you are naturally thin. Thin or curvy, should not be the criteria for what defines a real woman...I'm just as real as you...I think!

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I would really love to hear what you guys think of the real woman debate?

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  1. I tend to stay away from stupid shows and magazines, because of that reason. Everyone seems so preoccupied to tell you how to live and how you have to look like, that it makes me cringe. "you need to have meat on those bones", "you need to have a waist of 60cm", "you need to have big cow-like breasts" etc.... It's just stupid. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all.
    Take me, for example. I like men with big noses...which is silly right? But I just do, don't know why :D And I've never heard anyone say to a man "you have to have big nose, otherwise you won't get any pussy". Whatever man, shut up and let people live their lives :D

    And I think you look wonderful, with a sexy and proportionate body. Don't listen to those stupid people, because they have no idea wtf is going on around them! :)

  2. I hate that stupid "real woken have curves rubbish" especially real men like meat, dogs like bones insult. Either way it's body shaming women like pieces of meat.
    Every one is beautiful, and all women are real (even if they wasn't born that way)
    Love your leather trousers x

  3. I hate that real woman thing, no matter what your body shape if you have a vajayjay then I'm pretty sure that makes you a woman paha! I think you look REAL awesome in those trews (sorry haha) xxx

  4. Yeah, the body image debate is so huge, but I think that as long as a woman is healthy and happy with herself, no one has the right to tear her down. Having self confidence is such a delicate thing to build and so easily can be torn down with careless words. We have to be careful what we say!
    Anyway, you are most definitely just as real as anyone :)
    Love this rocker outfit you're wearing, the leather pants are fantastic!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. It's not about the shape - it's about the attitude. x

  6. First off, I really love your trousers and I think you have a great body shape! But I totally agree with you, I think everyone is so different and as a woman it's so hard to try to live up to any expectations and standards set for us by the media. Women come in all shapes and sizes - and it's something that both men and the media need to be more accepting of. We can't all be curvy and we can't all be slim, I think it's a matter of accepting ourselves and projecting a positive image of ourselves onto other people and other women. We all have our 'bad bits', but on the whole it's good to try and keep up a positive body image and not let yourself be torn down by careless remarks :) xxx


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