Wednesday, 19 February 2014


As I am still quite the novice at sewing, I do find it quite difficult to figure out what I am doing with patterns -I have two lovely Vogue patterns from Sew Direct that I haven't even opened because I know they are beyond my skills at the moment. So when I found a book that had a bunch of on-trend sewing projects that didn't require patterns, I snapped it up.

So the first thing I decided to make was this little tunic dress out of a fabulous tie dye fabric and some contrasting bias binding to tidy up the seam on the neckline. All you had to do was to draw around a men's t-shirt on your fabric and cut it out twice and stitch it together with some elastic through the middle to create some shape. I also decided to roll up the sleeves and stitch to give it a neater look.

What do you guys think, did I do good?

Gems x


  1. As a non sew-er I think it looks great. The neckline looks very neat.

    Can we see it on?

  2. It's so freakin coool!!!!! As an addict to color, this tunic is totally my thing :D I'm so jealous you can sew! :D

  3. You did good indeed! This is so funky xxx


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