Saturday, 1 February 2014


Thank god it is the weekend, it's been quite a busy week this week and I still have some work to do but on the weekend I don't feel guilty about doing it in my pajamas in a prone position on the sofa. regular tea and nap breaks are also the norm. I would like to have the weekend off, but by pocket is still recovering from the vicious beating it took over Christmas.

I found this old set of pictures on my computer and have not idea why it hasn't featured in an outfit post before, because it is one of my favourites. It has inspired me not to further wound my pocket and not spend money on any more clothing for at least a month (February is a short one after all). I realise I have plenty of gorgeous things in my wardrobe that I barely wear, including this cutie pie dress. In fact I have over two dozen dresses crammed in there....bad Gemma!

Skater Dress, H&M - Similar Here.
White Shirt, H&M - Similar Here.
Biker Jacket, Matalan - Similar Here.

Who else will be chillin' like a villain this weekend?

Gems x


  1. Love the biker jacket and dress together it works a treat! X

  2. I so love that dress, I really love skull prints and this is soooo pretty xx

    Gemma //

  3. nice outfit :)

  4. Love the outfit! :D I also like the ring on the previous post. ^^

  5. I love your jacket! I'm trying not to spend this month as well, like you say it's a short month so shouldn't be TOO hard haha! xxx

  6. Awesome skull skater dress- I love lazy weekends nothing beats a bit of duvet time :)
    I've always wondered how different a sports massage would be to a normal one but it sounds a lot more effective :) thank you for the tip

  7. Love the dress, what a fun print!! xo

  8. i have the same dress, looks great on you!

    xx fameliquorlove

  9. The dress is so cute. It definitely fits your style. It reminds me of the cat print dress from H&M...very cute <3
    ~Makaela at


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