Thursday, 23 October 2014


Yes the title is a reference to 'Tron', the greatest movie of all time! When I first so the Sci Fi classic back in the pre-teens, I was blown away by the special effects and seriously wanted a magic disk thing and a light cycle of my own. From a nerdy kid to a super nerdy adult - I've made my peace with it, we can't all be the cool kids, otherwise how on earth would they validate themselves than by thinking they are better than us. Bitter? Me? Well yes actually, what was so wrong with doing my homework on time?

Monochrome Check Shift Dress, Coco & Cleo - Same here.
Red Satchel, Next - Similar Here

Anyway, I picked up this lovely grid print shift dress in the Coco & Cleo sale, for just £5. For that price it is a total bargain - the material is of reat quality, the fit is lovely and I can see getting plenty of wear out of it. I do love a shift dress, but because I have a small frame (10 year old boy small), I tend to add a bit of shape with a waisted belt. A red lip and satchel to add colour, and my trusty leather jacket and I hope I pulled off simple chic.

I'm so full of cold at the minute, I resemble a swamp monster, so I'm sorry I'm not commenting or replying as much as I usually do. Once I'm feeling and looking human again, I will be back. Don't forget I'm selling a few bits on eBay, so check them out, you might be able to grab yourself a bargain.

I hope everyone is feeling good!

Gems x
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  1. What a bargain of a dress! It looks super lovely on you x

  2. You totally pulled of simple chic! :) The pops of red are amazing with the lips and bag. I'm always adding belts to my outfits too! And that leather jacket is definitely a hit. Really suits you!

    Hope you feel better soon! Being sick is the worst! <3 <3 <3


  3. Cripes, what an absolute bargain! Sorry you're feeling poorly, get well soon! <3

    Tara x

  4. Gorgeous outfit, you look great! :)

    Please check out my new post if you can;


  5. You look beautifully chic. I've never tried a belt over a shift dress- but I don't know why as it looks perfect on you. It's what's been missing in my life!
    There's nothing wrong with doing you homework on time

  6. Love that dress on you, and I especially love the outfit with the red bag. I love ballet pumps and black opaques I wear that a lot x

  7. At first I read "magic dick" and I was like, "whaaa"... and then I saw "disk" :D You're quite the hottie for a 10 year old boy :D (this sounded weird) I simply love the pattern of the dress mixed in with the lovely vivid satchel! ^_^

  8. Aww hope you make a super speedy recovery soon Gems! So sorry to hear you've been feeling unwell. It sucks. My mum's got a bad cold at the moment and I'm currently running away scared of getting it because I'm the worst patient ever. The most important thing is you feel better, so lots of tea, R&R & lovely Ryan! <3

    I love how you are true to yourself in every post you do, so nice to see the "real" you, unlike so many bloggers with those bloody macaroon things and not much else going on by the looks of it! Not only do you have a gorgeous fashion sense that remains true to you, a fantastic sense of humour, an amazing way with words, you also have an incredible knowledge and enjoyment of science and I think it's fantastic that you combine the two together here so naturally and effortlessly. Your dress is a real stunner, I love the print and the pops of red from your lipstick and bag are just divine. You pulled off chic by trillions! :) Keep staying true to you, always. We all love you and if this is what super nerdy looks like then it's pretty damn gorgeous!!!

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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