Thursday, 9 October 2014


Lilah Jumpsuit in Morris Flower, Motel - Same Here.
 A fashion blogger that knows their jumpsuits will be aware of the Morris Flower 'Lilah' jumpsuit from Motel. Still going strong into autumn, the placid blue and monochrome beauty took the fashion world by storm in the summer and spawned a number of number of imitations. But, in my opinion, you can't beat the original and best. The Lilah jumpsuit is crafted from a gorgeous soft material and has a lovely tailored fit, and as jumpsuits go, it is easy to put on and take off - no bathroom acrobatics required.

I felt super confident as soon as I put it on, hence being able to take some pictures in a shopping centre with the public (yes other people) walking around. Of course there was a few ignorant people not just walking in front of the camera, but just standing there looking about, you should be allowed to throw wet tissue paper at these people - is there a such thing as pedestrian rage? Because I think I have it!! It's ok though, I caught sight of my reflection a few moments later and was reminded I was wearing the Lilah jumpsuit, happy days.

This jumpsuit really symbolizes why fashion was such a saviour to me in a dark time, by giving me a boost when I need it. Suffering from depression and anxiety, losing a dream career in research science and feeling about as low as a person can. Then tired of feeling sorry for myself, I brushed my hair, put on some nice clothes, and used the boost it gave me to find that confidence to look for writing work and start a blog of my own. Of course Ryan's support was key for me to keep going when things werent going my way.

There has been success and disappointment in both, but I wont give up - I may not be a highly paid fashion journalist, but I do get to write about it (and many other things) both professionally and for fun. I'm one lucky girl.

What item of clothing gives you that much needed boost?

Gems x

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  1. Such a beautiful piece, you look amazing Gems! How gorgeous is that print and the color too! Absolutely stunning and fits you like a glove!

    So brave of you to take these photos in the shopping center! Whenever I take OOTD pictures (well... that only happened twice so far hahahhaha) I always keep looking for people who may be walking around somewhere and try to avoid them at all costs haha :) So great that this piece has an ability to lift you up and put a smile on your face :). Dealing with anxiety is no fun. Only today I woke up and had so many plans to film a video, to get lots of things done, but just felt so anxious, my heart beating so fast and all I want to do now is just go to bed and sleep all day :(. There are bad days and there are good ones, I guess.

    I truly believe that the reason why your dream career didn't work out, is because the universe has something even bigger and even better planned for you. I'm sure that all of your dreams and visions will come true, all you have to do is always look at the bright side of life and keep that gorgeous smile on your face at all times!! :)

    My beauty and lifestyle blog

  2. Ooooh it's sooo pretty! I can see why it gives you such a boost of confidence! You are gorgeous! And I love how you took pics in a public place. I'm totally used to people looking at me by now. Haha. I get really weird smiles from people. Like I'm entertaining but also know...I'm actually pretty sure that's how most people see me :D

    I have this gray skirt that's kind of like a long tutu and it's totally a boost of confidence for me! I love it so much so I totally get what you mean :)

    I love the last pic in black and white! Beautiful!


  3. You look beautiful and very chic Gem! You look so pretty too!
    I am glad that the clothes do that for you. I find that a beautiful circle skirt or circle dress always makes me feel pretty! And anything red!x

  4. This is so pretty and I love the colour! I agree, fashion gives me confidence too...a good coat always makes me feel good for some reason, probably because I like being warm haha x

    Josie’s Journal

  5. This is beautiful! The colour really brings you alive :)
    I also agree - I have a bright dress which uses primary colours and black, and it's my favourite go to dress! It always makes me feel well put together xx

  6. This suits you so well! I find it highly unfair though, that despite claiming to be older than I am you look about 5 years younger than me! x

  7. What a lovely colour and pretty jumpsuit, it really suits and looks very summery and fresh.

  8. I don't think clothing has ever given me a boost when I feel low. I usually sit quietly and talk to myself--tell myself to get on with it, that other people have much worse problems etc. But if I looked as good as you do in that blue jumpsuit, I guess I'd perk up a bit. Grin!

  9. This is such a beautiful playsuit! The colour is gorgeous and I love the pattern. Plus you have an amazing figure and it's super flattering :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  10. I know where you're coming from. Feeling low of the lowest, I always find the strength to kick my ass out of bed, put on some nice clothes and go see the world. Fuck anxiety and depression, I'm gonna be pretty regardless :D
    You and your love for jumpsuits, how many do you have? :D Haha, love the new addition, you're a flower! ^_^
    And yeah, the best way to approach staring stupid people is to strike poses and pretend they're not there. They get all sad that they're not ruining the photo shoot with their staring, and they just walk away :D

  11. I absolutely love this jumpsuit. The colour, pattern and style is just divine. And it helps you look fabulous in it obviously!

    X x

  12. Wow this is probably my favourite outfit of yours ever, it looks absolutely perfect on you. Love the colour and pattern. I feel the same about fashion and can definitely relate in terms of depression and anxiety and feeling so terribly low. I am pleased fashion has helped you in the way it has for me. Is your partner called Ryan? because mine is too :)

  13. That jumpsuit is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the print!! <3

  14. This jumpsuit is gorgeous on you, I love the colour!

    Maria xxx

  15. It's such a pretty jumpsuit and great photos - I'm never brave enough to take photos in public!

  16. It must be love, love, love
    It must be love, love, love
    Nothing more, nothing less
    Love (with Lilah) is the best

    Hell yes, Gems! I now have the Madness song in my head and on repeat on YT because of you and your gorgeous jumpsuit ;) I remember seeing the dress version of this and loving the look of it, Motel do so many wonderful pieces that are unique yet really, really stylish and this piece of yours has to be one of my favourites!

    So, so super happy and proud you got these photos in a shopping centre, it's hard enough getting shots in a park or a churchyard with people staring, it's like, yes I'm taking pictures-- haven't you ever seen a bloody camera before? God, I find it hard not to lose my rag with those people. I think I share some of your pedestrian rage so it must exist. You look super gorgeous, and so comfortable and confident, and you have every reason in the world to be! Beaut!

    It makes me so happy that fashion gave you such boost Gems, and I know I've said it before, but I will say again what an inspiration you are to us all. A brave, beautiful, talented girl full of promise and power. Never give up, I know all your dreams will come true, with all your strength and spirit there would be no other outcome in a million years <3

    Sophie | soinspo


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