Monday, 12 May 2014


Eurgh! I can't believe it is Monday again - People often think it must be amazing to work for yourself because you can take the day off whenever you feel like it. That is just rubbish; you actually probably work more than most, because if you don't work you don't get paid. There is no sick pay, no holiday pay and no personal days - before I start taking time off, I better consider whether or not I feel like continuing to enjoy food and shelter.

So this Monday the blues have hit me hard - Monday you can kindly *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep* and go *Bleep* yourself right in the *Bleep*. I suppose I can't complain too much, I do something I genuinely love, I wish I just didn't have to do it so blooming often.

So rant over, on the the fashion bit. This is one of my amazing charity shop finds, a gorgeous printed shift dress from Primark that was brand new - tags, little spare button, the lot. It looks better on than I could have hoped and I seriously love the little pockets in the front. Because the print is so beautiful I kept the accessories to a minimum, just adding some studded boots and bag, and a contrasting nail polish.

Faux Fur Coat - Next
Shift Dress - Primark via Charity Shop
Studded Boots - I Don't Remember (Sorry)

HyperGel in Blue Glint - Models Own

How do you guys deal with the Monday Blues?

Gems x
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  1. You look amazing! Pretty dress!

  2. Love the dress. And does anyone like Mondays? Surely not.

    X x

  3. Don't know why people think that working from home is better. When the work is done you don't have a comfort place, you just resume staying at home, which is kind of a downer.
    I deal with Monday blues by "Life has no meaning, get a grip" kind of attitude :D It sounds depressing, but it actually helps me :D
    Love the dress and that coat is so fuzzy!

  4. That's seriously such an amazing find, it looks gorgeous on! Mondays suck but I like that they have double sad am I?? x

  5. great dress and cool bag dear :D


  6. Oh God i can totally relate to this Monday blues, it hits me often enough too! At least you looked superlovely in your little shift dress! Cute print and I love the matching purse! :)

  7. What a sweet little dress! I need to get into shopping in charity shops. <3

    Tara x

  8. LOVE the faux fur coat, because real fur is gross! :] // ☼


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