Thursday, 8 May 2014


Money has been tight recently, but as a fashion blogger, I feel constant pressure to be always wearing something new and my bank balance can't handle that, plus the cobwebs that line my pockets are getting lonely for the company of money. I'm probably not the only fashion blogger to feel this way and it probably isn't right - The vast majority of us don't have big collaborations with retailers and everything we buy has to come out of our own pocket.

With finances not at their best, I have been spending a lot less recently and when I do buy something, it has to be a great deal, or something from eBay or a charity shop.

 I have to say I have been seriously impressed with the quality of clothing in the charity shops - long gone are the days of musty smelling pieces you are sure someone must have died in. Their death was caused by the frightfulness of their hideous clothes. I bought two gorgeous Primark dresses from the British Heart Foundation shop for just £5 each - one of them was brand new and the other was in great condition, so I don't think anyone died in them, which is a bonus.

I have worn both and I love them, so keep a eye out for some outfit posts coming in the future. The yellow and monochrome shift dress is particularly lovely on, it's one of my new faves.

Now to eBay - how difficult is it to go crazy bidding on some heinous crap, just because you don't want anyone else to beat you. Well I have managed to curb that competitive instinct and have learned to put a maximum bid on a desirable piece and then just walking away. I have been so lucky recently, paying no more than £4 for any of these dresses and the Topshop number I got for free as my sister bought it from eBay, but it was too small for her.

H&M Conscious Collection

River Island

But i have done the tiniest little bit of high street shopping. I fell in love with this minty kimono in H&M a few weeks ago and at just £9.99 I knew it would be a great investment for summer, now I just need some sun.

Kimono, H&M - Same Here.
 What do you guys think of eBay and charity shops?

Gems x
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  1. Very nice dresses! I can't wait to see them on you!

  2. You got some amazing bargains! I never find anything decent these days :( x

  3. I love your dresses, all so pretty!

  4. What lovely dresses, total bargains too!

    Maria xxx

  5. I really wish I lived more central so I could shop in the good charity shops! I used to buy things from ebay ALL the time but my addiction got a bit much so I had to stop. I think I'm about to go have a look on there in a minute actually...WAH. I'd love to do a blogger clothes swap, I have so many unloved clothes which I think someone would love!

    Tara x

  6. Fantastic finds! Must admit I'd be up for buying clothes in charity shops but there never seems to be anything I like! Perhaps I'm just being too lazy or not venturing into the best ones haha. I do love a bit of eBaying, I got a bright pink clutch from there which was fab and I also love the versatile range of sunglasses to feed my addiction on there...!

    I'm with you on feeling the pressure to wear new things, at the moment my wardrobe is in a rubbish state, and every time I want to take photos I have no idea what to wear :|

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  7. I have rubbish luck in charity shops and eBay so you did good! I love the Primark dresses especially. I used to feel pressure to buy new stuff but now I think I'm just too lazy haha xxx

  8. Awesome goodies Gems! The minty kimono is spectacular. And the dress with leather bustier is sexeee!
    I rarely shop at Ebay, because the shipping to Bulgaria is crazy much! :D But thrift shops make me tingle!

  9. i can't wait to see you in dresses # 3 and # 4 Gems! I will be in the look-out. haha :) also, thanks a lot for watching my dance video! :D The blog post of that event is finally up! hihi. hope you can visit if you have some time :)))


  10. I love love love LOVE that yellow and black floral dress! it looks so chic and sophisticated- i can't wait to see how you style it!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  11. no sorry, I don't have a tutorial for my eye liner but that's a goog idea!

  12. OH wow that 1st dress is lovely. I love charity shops although I find it hard to find the time to go in them. I do like Ebay but I think its going downhill rapidly as the postage costs have gone up quite a lot so you cannot get much for a low price now! x

  13. Out of these six fashion finds my favourite two are the first dress because of its beautiful floral print and black trim, and the H&M kimono due to the sheer light pastel mint coloured fabric. If I keep doing outfit posts I think charity shops may be in my future. I can't just keep buying outfits forever. I've never tried ebay. and haven't yet decided what to do with all the blouses I'm accumulating.


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