Wednesday, 24 October 2012


For so long I have been searching for the perfect pair of leatherette pants. I thought I had found them when I saw the perfect pair of leatherette jeans on the H&M website - I ordered them in a size then as I knew their trews were small fitting. The thing is when they arrived I would have needed a pound of lard and forklift to get them over my fat ass...gutted.
After several more unsuccessful attempts in New Look, River Island and Primark, I had almost given up, resigned myself to the fact that leatherette pants and my disproportionately large bum were never going to give in, then I was saved by the miracle that is elasticated waistband. Thank you jeggings for making the waistband acceptable once again - the elasticated waistband made the £15 leather trousers from H&M fit perfectly.

Although they do squeak a bit when I walk, they are comfortable, look awesome and I love them...can't wear them enough!

Jumper, New Look
Trousers, H&M
Shirt, Shoes and Bracelet, Matalan

What has been your favourite item of clothing recently?

Sorry I have been so bad blogging recently, I'm just so down on myself after finding my hours as a freelance writer reduced. I'm trying to get back to myself I swear.

Gems x


  1. Love those trousers, I'd never have picked them up to try myself they look so great on! xx

  2. Great look - I too struggled to find a pair of leather trousers (with my short legs, wide hips and small waist this was no easy task!)... I found a £30 pair in Monki that did the trick though, so I know how good it feels to finally have some! Love the pop of cobalt blue in your outfit, looks so cool. Also I hope you are feeling a bit more sparky now after your recent down-in-the-dumps time xx

  3. I love your blog and I've missed you posting! these trews are fab they look great on you x

  4. Fantastic trousers- sorry to hear your feeling down :(

  5. My daughter has put a request in for a pair of the h&m ones and I know the sizing will be a real pain in the butt. I may have to get the leggings instead.

    X x

  6. Ohh they look so fab on you! x

  7. These are so, so lovely! They look fab on you too. Hope you're feeling a little better soon lovely, don't be down on yourself! xxx

  8. They are so cool and you styled them perfectly. This is a really great look.

  9. Love your shoes really FAB outfit !!

    Have a Fantastic Friday !!



  10. love the outfit

  11. love this outfit, so casual but chic :) x


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