Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I am so sorry bloggers, I know I have been terrible recently, I have just been so low on motivation recently after some problems with work. As a result I am rather far behind on outfit (and any other kind of posting). Being a long-time sufferer of depression I take set-backs really personally, letting them really hit my self esteem - luckily I have an amazing boyfriend and family, which help me get right out of that funk.

So anyway, excuses over - I promise I will really try to be better for you guys and get back to my blogging best. So this is a super cute little dress I bought recently in the Missguided sale - yes my addiction to leopard print is as strong as ever - it is just perfect for all occasions.

Dress, Missguided - same here.
Shoes, Matalan - same here.

How do you guys deal with blogging funk?

I don't want things to affect something that I really love so an advice would be appreciated.

Gems x


  1. Such a cute dress!
    I think when you get blogging funk, it's fine to take a break! And then you'll come back, better than ever! I love your blog too xxx

  2. That dress is amazing, you look fab x

  3. Weeeeeeeell, when I get down or depressed I really can't put myself to blogging, and just wait. Two days, or three days later I would get over it, get a grip and fucking go on with my life, it really helps to just screw everything and say- go to hell world!

  4. I have the same thing with blogging sometimes, it really does help to take a proper break from it and do something else. I usually find I get inspired again soon enough. Love leopard and your hair is gorgeous, so shiny. You should do your nails to match your dress. x

  5. You look fab. I get down times where I cannot be bothered with blogging and its gets me down but it usually passes and then I am back again lol.

    Take care x

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