Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Hey guys, sorry I have been such a terrible blogger recently, I have been right down in the dumps with the whole blogging thing recently. Since I spend all day working making other fashion blogs a success, coming back to mine on a night time in my spare time seems almost unfair. Hopefully this is a sign that I will be getting my mojo back.

Anyway starting of my return it's a quick post to celebrate how awesome Primark's stick on nails are. I bought a couple of sets to put in my little sister's birthday present a few weeks ago and thought at just £1 (yes that's right the same price as a McFlurry) I may as well try out some for myself.

I was amazed at how easy they were to apply, just a bit glue to the nail, press for 5 seconds and voila, gorgeous nails. The look seriously good too, and since manicures are so ridiculously expensive I think I will be popping to Primarni when I need some nails for a special occasion.

I trimmed the nails down a little bit after this pic was taken as I like shorter nails, but all that took was some nail clippers and they still looked amazing.

So have any of you tried any Primark cosmetics?

Gems x


  1. Great Post !

    Love your nails girl ! They look so cute :P

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  2. I know the feeling you are talking about - although mine's not with blogging. these nail wraps look really good, I'll have to give them a try x

  3. You were missed Gems! Hope you're ok chick. These nails are so fun and pretty, well done Primark! xxx

  4. I looove their nail polish but I've never tried their nail wraps before, these are well cute!

    The Style Rawr!


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