Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I have to apologise for my lack of posting the past few weeks, I have just been totally caught up in Olympic and Paralympic fever and have been wanting to spend every last moment with my heroes. I'm feeling a bit down and the dumps now that it is all over, but it does mean I can get back to blogging - I do have quite a few outfit posts up my sleeve.

So here is a little outfit I wore while have a jaunt around town, the star print tee and neon necklace are courtesy of OASAP, you must have heard of them by now as they are an online fashion tour de force - what I love about them is that your really unlikely to see someone wearing the same piece as you, but you will get loads of compliments on what you are wearing. And did someone say free delivery?

The t-shirt had a loose silhouette, which is so hot right now and so awesome on most people, but since I have the physique of a pre-adolescent boy I had to go for the knotted look to give me the curves I so desperately need. Still I think it worked out quite well. Also how fabulous are my creepers from Tribeca Shoes - amazing right and just £18.

Star Print Tee, courtesy of OASAP - Same Here.
Neon Necklace, courtesy of OASAP - Same Here.
Shorts, H&M - Similar Here.
Tights, Topshop - Similar Here.
Studded Creepers - Same Here.

So now that the Olympics and Paralympics is all over, what has been your favourite sporting moment of the Summer?

Congratulations to Andy Murray too, who won his first grand slam title with the US Open - well desrved.

Gems x


  1. This tee is so cute, it reminds me of Wildfox! I think Mo Farah winning the 10,000m was my sporting highlight!

    The Style Rawr!

  2. BEAUTIFUL look!those creepers are beautiful- an love the curves you've created

  3. Hello! How are you? Loveee the stars, so pretty.
    I'm missing it all too! I honestly can't pick out a fave moment, it was all amazing. Yes, massive congrats to Andy, gutted I missed it! xxx

  4. stars and leopard, its a winner! I'm yet to be won over by creepers, my feet start to hurt when put in anything dead flat. The olympics were full of wonderful moments, Jess Ennis and her gold was possibly my favourite x

  5. I love the star print, definitely suits the leopard print and red shoes funnily enough :) x

  6. Great look! :) I love those tights! So cool!!

  7. Oooh those shoes are totally badass! Eighteen quid?!?! I don't believe you! I'm not much into sport, but I surprised myself with how much I got into it this summer - my favourite athlete was definitely the boxer Nicola, such a sweetheart but I wouldn't mess with her!
    Following you now... xx


  8. Very bold look! love the leopard tights! xo, Alma

  9. You are beyond gorgeous, your legs are incredible! x


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