Sunday, 29 July 2012


Come on then, who else has completely caught Olympic fever - I feel like I have been waiting for it forever and now it is finally here, it's an awesome feeling. However, during the Opening Ceremony I felt slightly guilty that I had never heard of some of the countries, but I suppose for the next two weeks there is only one country that matters - Great Britain. That is why I decided to go all patriotic on the first day of the sporting activities, with some Red, White and Blue. I added my gorgeous ASOS Union Jack Sunnies just in case I wasn't patriotic enough!

RED shirt, Bershka - same here.
WHITE belt, Romwe - similar here.
BLUE Jeans, Dorothy Perkins - similar here.
Studded Shoes, Matalan - same here.


Of course even if the Olympics is on, you can't miss an opportunity to get some sun, so me and the boyfriend went of for a little jaunt. We came across a bit of a food festival at Newcastle Cathedral, we used this as an opportunity to check out the Cathedral as we had never been in before and what an absolutely amazing building - religious or not (I'm not), I would recommend anyone living in or visiting Newcastle to check it out.

Following a cup of tea we checked out some of the stalls in the courtyard and I picked up this lovely little necklace for just £1 - It was made by Jessica Babirye of the Together We Can Project of Kalule Uganda. The proceeds from the sale will help her feed her family and pay their school fees, how wonderful is that?

Since the proceeds from all their little table top sales were going to charity, I also picked up these 5 amazing wooden rings at an epic 50p a piece - aren't they beautiful?

I'll leave by saying, GO TEAM GB! And by saying another thank you to Jessica from Uganda for the necklace.

Gems x


  1. Really patriotic, yay! I'm pretty sure that type of necklace is made by rolling up pages from magazines/newspapers and then varnishing them to make beads. V pretty.

  2. i love your top and your necklace dear! <3


  3. this is such a fun outfit! xo

  4. Cute outfit! I also totally have olympic fever, I wasn't too bothered about it but after watching that crazily trippy opening ceremony I am hooked!
    Faye x

  5. awesome!!!!totally digging this look!!!

  6. Got those jeans need that top coming down to see u possibly next Friday so will steal it then will mail u chick, ps loving the blog xx kat

  7. Loving the red, white and blue and those sunnies are fantastic. Very envious of your gorgeous wooden rings and that charity necklace is sooooo pretty! xxx

  8. I love that red!

  9. Gems this outfit is absolutely epic! haha i want a pair of those sunnies, I have a GB tank that I may just have to wear soon, hope you had a good weekend and are enjoying all of the Olympic festivities! xxx


  10. In love with your shoes! xo, Alma

  11. I love the red,blue & white... Very patriotic! Love your studded loafers too :)
    I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog for a beautiful bracelet - I'd love for you to enter! Check it out :)
    Georgia x

  12. Great outfit. Love the shoesies. Go TeamGB!

  13. Love the patriotic outfit. I am totally into the Olympics too. I get an awake from 4.30am - 7.00am to watch the swimming every day. Worst timing since I usually get up at 12pm. But worth it. Also been enjoying the tennis.

  14. You rock that London color... Cool outfit :)

  15. I've totally caught Olympic fever! In fact I'm watching the men's gymnastics final whilst writing this haha...they're muscles, wow.
    Anyways haha, I love your patriotic outfit! And your sunglasses are so cool!
    I love the necklace and rings, they're so well made! I've got loads of bracelets made by a group called Soul Action, and the women that make them are victims of being kidnapped and raped, but Soul Action have gotten them away from that situation and the profits from the bracelets that they women make allow them to rescue them and give them homes and a life again! Great charity.

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  16. gorgeous outfit, I love the whole style

    am following you, I hope you can also follow me. I am your newest follower.

  17. cool look:)) top shop got similar studded shoes i like them a lottttt :))

    Kisses from United Kingdom Of Fashion ♥♥♥

  18. You're soo gorgeous! love those rings x

  19. You look fab and very patriotic xx

  20. Love your shoes - can't believe they're Matalan! I've totally got Olympic fever too - watched some of the most random sport ever the last few days :) x


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