Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Not being a particularly girly girl, I was getting so bored of feminine florals and overly pretty pastels, I was pretty pleased when more edgy influences were making their way onto the high street. It's time for the Urban Rebel to take on the girly little princess - it's about tough leathers, crosses and plenty of hardware embellishments, think skulls, stud spikes and rivets.

I have already firmly dipped my toe into this trend, I'm currently awaiting on the delivery of a pair of fake leather trousers and I already have plenty of hardware jewellery, a pair of studded loafers and a stud embellished jersey dress - I predict there will be many more pieces in my wardrobe throughout the next few months.

I haven't done a little collage for a while, I have been so busy with work that I have been concentrating on outfit posts mostly as they are quicker - just have to put on some clothes and pout about for a few minutes. Well the collage is back with a few Urban Rebel inspired outfits, one to rock during the day and one to work at night....Enjoy!

Day: Earrings, New Look; Spike Shoulder Dress, Glamorous; Spiked Loafers, Matalan; Leather-Sleeve Jacket, H&M; Studded Bag, OASAP; Zebra Socks, Forever21.

Night: Shoulder Stud Tee, Topshop; Imitation Leather Trousers, H&M; Cross Necklace, New Look; Spike Bracelet, Missguided; Chain Strap Bag, Romwe; Studded Wedges, Tribeca Shoes.

What do you think of this trend? And how fabulous are those wedges from Tribeca Shoes - I wish I never discovered them, I want about 20 pairs!

Have you guys been enjoying the Olympic action? Yesterday I was so proud of the Team GB Mens Gymnastic Team - they did awesome winning a bronze medal!

Gems x


  1. I love both of these outfits, they are so nice! x

  2. I really like both looks. Totally cool :D


  3. Really cool looks. I adore the blue bag.

  4. I am definitely more of a member of the girly little princess club, although I do love looks like these on others, I wish I could pull it off! Those spiky wedges are incredible!
    Faye x

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  6. I love this trend on others but I can't pull it off...too geeky haha! I love that Topshop tee though and leather trews are the best (unless you're Ross from Friends)

  7. I can get good ideas when I come here and enrich my experience in fashion.

  8. darling this is fantastic, i love the spike shoulder dress.. i feel this would go well in my closet. I have never been a super girly girl, so florals does not suit my fancy. those tribecca shoes are stellar!!! amazing.

    CONGRATS TEAM GB. what an awesome performance, so nice to see - although i do feel they deserved silver, damn japanese!!! lol xxx

    xxx emma

  9. Just discovered your blog and LOVE it! Now following you xx

  10. I can't wear anything too girly either, that H&M jacket is so cool.

  11. I love all the studs everywhere at the moment. Does make me want to raid the er...punk/grunge store in Birmingham and buy a whole heap of studs!

  12. Love everyhitng!

    I really like your blog, I´m following you :D
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