Friday, 6 April 2012


With any spare five minutes that I have, I will be browsing the internet checking out all the latest fashions. I would liken it to a yo-yo dieter longingly browsing the bakery, or a pyromaniac in a match factory - the ultimate tease and temptation. However, every now and then I come across a little gem that isn't way out of my price range, and that I wouldn't be to afraid to wear - the new attainable and realistic loves of my life.

So without further ado, I share with you all the things I have been drooling over this month...maybe get a bib ready :)

Ultimate Wish List - April 2012
1. Holly Fulton Avalon Print Dress
2. Angel Jackson  Papilio Attatche
3. Charlotte Olympia Priscilla in Stripes
4. Acne Mape Leather Jacket
5. Linda Farrow Luxe Python Cats Eye Sunglasses
6. AG Highlight Blue Stilt Jean.

Realistic Wish List - April 2012
1. New Look Limited Edition Two Tone Dress
2. Romwe Skull Texture Black Clutch
3. Dune Donald High Vamp Peep Toe Shoes
4. H&M Leather Jacket
5. Romwe Oversized Round Sunglasses
6. Rare Printed Shirt
7. Topshop Moto Metallic Pewter Leigh Jeans
8. Firetrap Bella Floral Maxi Dress

What have you guys been lusting after this so far this month?
I hope everyone out there has a very Happy Easter - bring on the chocolate! Anyhoo, must dash off to get ready, going out for my sister's 30th birthday tonight. Have a fab weekend!

Gems x


  1. Great choice darling!:)

  2. all great picks . . . i've been into trousers and boots! i guess i'm missing the fall.

    1. It's the Linda Farrow sunglasses that have be strung out - I just love her unusual shapes and colour combinations.
      Gems x


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