Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Everyone Should Sparkle This Christmas 

Luxemme is a luxury ladies brand, with plenty of gorgeous garments, but they also have a really big heart. Last year they worked with many charities, sending clothes to those in need - be it the homeless and those that didn't have a family to share Christmas with.

This Christmas they are spreading a little bit of joy, by giving away free £15 vouchers for the site to anyone that registers...including you. You can give these vouchers to friends and family as Christmas gifts, or treat yourself to something that you wouldn't otherwise be able to. Luxemme really does want to help spread some festive spirit to those that don't get their fair share. They would make a great secret Santa gift, don't you think?

So get following Luxemme on social media and sign up to get your free vouchers which will arrive in the post in time for Christmas -

  • Facebook - /Luxemme
  • Twitter - @luxemme
  • Instagram - @luxemmeuk

I'd love to receive a Luxemme voucher in my Christmas stocking as for me they are of the best online stores to go for womens playsuits and as you know Gemma loves a good playsuit or jumpsuit. The clothing quality and designs are fantastic, but their prices are really affordable, and for a starving writer, price is definitely a factor for me. Luxemme’s designers seem to take inspiration from the latest trends but add their own twist in order to make each item unique, and I'm not really a follower of trends, I like something a little different. I just love their style and have a Luxemme wishlist a mile long.

If you want to spread the cheer like I do, and make someone smile a little wider this Christmas, go on and order your free vouchers.

Are you all getting excited for Christmas? This little giveaway should help.

Gems x

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