Monday, 5 January 2015



December was a good month for nails for me. I couldn't afford the Ciate Mini Manor, but TK Maxx had the Ciate Mini Mani Month for the bargain price of £19.99. This meant I could have the nail varnish advent calender of my dreams, and paint my nails lots of lovely colours, right up until Christmas. Plus each window hid a lovely little message, either fun or inspirational.

Some of the cute daily quotes.
The 5ml nail varishes really brightened up my days, giving me that little extra boost as I coped with the holiday anxiety - painting my nails as a treat to myself for getting through the day. I'm yet to try the world famous Ciate Caviar Manicure (I didn't trust myself to get them everywhere), but I did try the glitter and sequins, and loved them. I have some shades left to try, but the ones I have tried thus far I have loved - they go on very smooth and dry with a durable finish.

Loveliness of 'Snowflake' and 'Boudoir'
'Amazing Gracie with 'Boudoir' and the candy pink of 'Hoopla'.
'Main Stage' and 'Candy Floss' look great together, whilst 'Pillow Fight' is a star on it's own.

A little bit of sparkle added to 'Chinchilla' and 'Tweed & Tails'
The dark and sultry 'Starlet' and the shining star of 'Fit for a Queen'.
I would love to see some more manicures for nail inspiration, so please leave me links to your posts.

Gems x
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  1. I really love all of these, especially the pink and the sequinned one! I've never tried Ciate until your Christmas present to me and they are really wonderful - thank you so much for them! xx
    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

  2. Such a cute post, I love Ciate! I think Pillow Fight is my fave. :)

    Tara x

  3. This post seriously makes me regret my career choice and never being able to paint my nails ;) xx

  4. Some beautiful colours but I think the Boudoir is my fave.

    X x

  5. I cant really decided which one is my favourite! I love all of them :)
    Happy 2015 :)

  6. I love all of these colours, especially the pale blue. I wish I was actually able to paint my nails well myself though. I get impatient waiting for them to dry and just smudge it all over the place!


  7. I've never tried Ciate before, I love the packaging of it though! This calendar is such a cute idea, I think Chinchilla may be my fave shade here. I LOVE the polishes you sent me, definitely going to be doing a post on them for sure!! xx

    Josie’s Journal

  8. Without a doubt you need to be crowned Queen Of Nails in the Blogosphere Gems ;)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  9. Oooooh pretty nail polish! I love nail polish. :D But I bet you knew that! I don't know why I never post about it though. Maybe I'll do that someday. I really like how there is a quote in every door of the calendar. :)


  10. oh im loving the ciate sparkles , i need to grab these , all of them


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