Friday, 26 September 2014


Leopard Dress, H! by Henry Holland - Similar Here
Fluffy Jumper, AX Paris - Same Here.
Don't you just love it when you find something new that you probably never would have discovered during your everyday life? I was feeling sorry for myself (you know because I'm a big baby) and laying in bed watching a movie called 'The Truth About Emmanuel" - it was a lovely bittersweet movie and I highly reccommend it. Anyway, when the credits rolled and absolute angel started singing so I had to find out who it was.

The angel was Agnes Obel, an amazing singer/songwriter from Denmark and the song was "On Powdered Ground". The song is so beautiful and serene, it reminds me of how still and calm things are on an early morning in Autumn, when the sun shines and the birds sing freely with no one around to disturb them. Hence the pictures of me looking all tired because it was a little early for Gemma.

Please give the song a listen and let me know what you think? I've become a big fan of her ethereal songs and beautiful piano compositions and makes such a wonderful change to all that drum n' bass I'm assaulted with everywear I go.

Have you discovered anything new and exciting recently? Then share!

Gems x
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  1. I have a huge crush on this outfit x

  2. I love your yellow spotted skirt: I've rediscovered all my autumn clothes and I love them :)

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. Its actually a dress, I'm oin to try and wear all my cute dresses in autumn and just wear jumpers over the top :) x

  3. Oh my gosh. I love this outfit!! That sweater looks so comfy. And the skirt is just adorable. Love love love!
    Oooh, the song is gorgeous. I love music like that. It's so serene and beautiful. I love discovering knew artists and songs, so thank you so much for sharing!!

    I guess recently I've 'discovered' Manchester Orchestra (it's a band...not an orchestra haha). I've always known about them and have had them on my ipod for a long time, but recently I decided to actually listen to them. I've been in a Manchester Orchestra funk for weeks now! I can't get over them. My favorite song from them is called The River. I love it!


    1. Aww thanks Christina, it really was quite comfortable and perfect for a day in the office. The song relaxes me so much so I'm really glad you like it too.


  4. I love your outdoor pictures and amazing outfit. I have wanted one of those fluffy jumpers for ages but I can never find the right one. I saw a really cool red one recently. I love that song. It is meaningful and the piano appeals to me. I am so bored of my music right now so I am always looking for good new songs,

  5. Your skirt is so cute, love the colour and pattern.

  6. Aww, hello Miss Sunshine ;) You are definitely casting your golden rays and brightening up dreary September Gems! I love everything about a yellow and black combo so your outfit is a real winner for me. The leopard pattern on your dress is a real beaut, it makes me smile when I think back to a post you did a while ago, when you stated that most associate leopard print with street walkers or prostitutes (your sense of humour brightening things up too, see) but I think if it's rocked by the right person it looks oh so pretty... step forward YOU!

    Hope you're OK Gems, so sorry you were feeling rubbish but I'm glad you discovered a beautiful song you felt an affinity with. I'm more of an R&B/hip hop girl myself but I gave it a listen and deffo agree Agnes Obel is indeed an angel :) As for drum n bass, I agree whole heartedly with it assaulting ears. Those people pumping it out of their cars make me feel old! o.O

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  7. You look very lovely, I love the association of the top and the skirt the result is very pretty

  8. I love the song!!! sometimes I find myself looking for the name of songs I listen in movie soundtracks too! :) actually movie soundtracks is one of my secret passions! lol they are always full feelings, even the ones with no words. Anyways, I love your cute look, the funky animal print skirt is pretty amazing! I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other to stay in touch.


  9. This song is so meeee! It definitely my kind of music, it reminds me of EmilĂ­ana Torrini. :)

    I have a fluffy jumper like this but with a roll neck - I'm excited for the colder weather!

    Tara x

  10. I really like her voice although the piano accompaniment at the beginning made me laugh because it made me think of the original Neighbours theme!x


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