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So I promised I would talk a little bit more about my experiences with mental illness and after reading the comments on my last post about being given the cold shoulder, I started thinking about the common myths surrounding depression and anxiety. The things people with mental illness and just normal people, believe to be true. Plus this leaf printed playsuit from H&M makes me feel like a mythical woodland creature, prancing between the trees ( I didn't actual do that I promise). I have to include a little bit of fashion of're complements on my dress sense sustain me better than chips, well marginally.

Playsuit, H&M - Similar Here.
Biker Jacket, Matalan - Similar Here.
Shoes, Primark - In Stores Now.
Skinny Belt, New Look - In Stores Now.
So to the myths..
  • You're the only person to feel this way - Sorry, but your just not that special. You may feel like the only person in the world, but there are probably several people on your street experiencing something freakishly similar. Depression is so crazy common that it doesn't even make you stand out these days - if you want to be different why not wear a hat, no wait everyone does that now too...sorry!
  • You're making yourself ill - You're not doing it to youself, it is something that happens too you, thanks to a silly chemical imbalance in the brain. You can't help it, but you can learn to manage and deal with it, with medication and therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy worked wonders for me. So the next time some chick tells you to cheer up and stop making yourself ill, punch her square in the boob; if it's a guy, I think you know where that punch should go.
  • You're a failure - Probably one of the worst things you can tell yourself, mostly because it is totally not true. If anyone makes you feel like you are a failure for being depressed or anxious then cut them from your life as they are toxic and a total jerk. You are having a hard time for sure, but your achievements, no matter how small, mean so much more as you have had to work so hard to get there.
  • Medication will turn you into a zombie - What a load of bloody nonsense, medication will not turn you into a numb, emotionless android. They will simply moderate your brain chemistry and help to take the edge off your depression and anxiety, allowing you to really deal with the problem at hand. As somone on two types of medication I can confirm that I have never walked jerkily around the streets looking for human brains to devour. It may take a few tries to get the medication right, but they can really help once a good match is found. 
  • You're a burdon on everyone - I will talk about guilt more in a future post, but it is so common for people with mental illness (or any other long term illness) to feel like they are a burdon to those around them. I have felt that way so often, especially when so many of my 'friends' couldn't be bothered to include me. Plus I would be lying if I said my family and Ryan hadn't made sacrafices for me, but I know they did so because they cared for me and wanted to help however they could. One day I hope to pay them back.
This guy has been my rock, I started really living when I met him.

Now more pretty pictures, because look at how 'normal' life can be even with mental illness, I can sit on big stones and stand next to trees with no real difficulty...

Remember, you are never alone when there is ice cream, ooh and cake, ooh and those little cracker things are salt and vinegar flavours :) If anyone wants to talk about their struggles and experiences, just send me an email.

Oh and can you give me some tips for taking pictures outside?

Gems x
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  1. Haha this is brilliant!! I love the tone of this post - you're so right. It's so realistic and down to earth. Just brilliant! xx

  2. Great photos and another great outfit. I love wearing ballet pumps with thick tights in fact don't you just love thick black tights...they just look fab with mostly everything. BTW you are so true about the anxeity/depression thing. x

  3. I really hope this post touches someone! As for your playsuit, it's sooo cute!

    Tara x

  4. so gorgeous! <3

    xoxo, rae

  5. Love this look!

  6. That's a cute outfit, especially with the jacket and opaques.

    Mental illness is shit. I had post natal depression for four years as it wa sun diagnosed and therefore untreated for three years. I really did want to punch people who said 'but why are you sad? You've got everything'.

  7. As ever a great post Hun. I have had many friends who have suffered with stress and I know it's been a hard uphill struggle for them. Credit to you for helping people understand this illness more.

    As for the outfit, stunning! As ever you look great.

    X x

  8. Feeling guilty...this is the one of many things that makes everything worse. I feel guilty, because some days I'm worse than others, and I want to be perfect, I want to ignore all that panic and anxiety, to not give a fuck. And when I can't, when I break down, it feels awful knowing that I let down the people who support me. But damn if I let this stop me. The problem with all these mental issues is we always make them bigger than they actually are. "OOOh, this is so scary, so life threatening, scary shit right there"...I think making these things mega serious, doesn't help, but on the contrary it makes it bigger and worse. So, fuck that, every pain and every obstacle make me stronger, there's nothing dramatic about that. Millions of people are going through the same thing, you're right, there's nothing special about it, just another stupid thing that we have to go through. :)
    Btw, le boyfriend looks like Alan Tudyk!!! *_*

  9. Argh, this comment is going to be so hard to type because I want to get across how much I love and admire you for writing this Gems, and I just hope I can do my thoughts justice! Shame I can't sync my brain to yours, then you'd know just how much respect I have for you gorgeous girl! One of the reasons I hate being behind with blogging is because I haven't had the chance to tell you all of the above and more, but I'm also glad I waited because the last thing I could do was rush-read your beautiful posts, your blog deserves all the time and concentration in the world! I really am so proud of you, not only did you pin-point so much relevance to your post, you wrote in such a truthful, open way that is so rare to find in the blogosphere. It's so important that this issue is talked about. I love how your post is serious, meaningful yet tinged with your trademark warmth and humour that makes Fashion, Well Done so YOU.

    I agree whole heartedly that anyone who makes you feel like a failure for having anxiety or depression they are most definitely toxic. It's crazy too that such a stigma is attached to medication. It's there to help after all! :) And can I just say how gorgeous that playsuit is? Leafy prints really suit you so prettily! I'm so glad you have a wonderful family, and Ryan sounds like a diamond guy! You are lucky to have them, but likewise they are incredibly lucky to have you in their lives! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  10. I agree so much with all of your points (plus your photos are wonderful!) and that guilt one hit home with me the most. I so often feel like a failure and a burden!


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