Thursday, 26 June 2014


I wish I could take good blogger photos outside - I always feel a little bit too self conscious. Maybe it is because direct sunlight turns me from moderately attractive to hobgoblin, or that the tiniest bit of wind will fling my hair in any direction but a good one, or that I just don't really want people looking at me and judging. Any tips from some fellow bloggers for taking piccies outside?

But, at least I do love my outfit, and all mint ensemble from Primark that cost just £12 in total - £4 for the top and £8 for the trousers. The shade works great with my dark hair, but not so great with my pasty skin, maybe I should invest in a good fake tan, something that won't make it look like I was born to a couple of Cheesy Wotsits.

Top and Trousers - Primark, In Stores Now
Bag - Gift

House of Holland Block Head Nails, Elegant Touch - Same Here.
How cute is my new necklace from Punky Pins? I won it in a Facebook competition of theirs and I nearly cried because I never win anything. I had one of their very first name necklaces years ago and when it broke I was devastated, so 'm really happy to have it replaced with the Mirror Bar Necklace.

Mirror Bar Necklace, Punky Pins - Same Here.
Speaking of competitions, don't forget to enter my Elegant Touch Competition - you can win three sets of their fabulous express nails, but you better hurry it ends on the 30th of June. Earn multiple entries to increase your chances.

Gems x
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  1. I love Primark, they are really good for a quick fashion fix as long as you don't expect the clothes to last!

  2. That's a very cheap outfit and looks good on you. Byt the way, I had to click on a link to say your site was not spam through facebook. Pretty scary. I don't know why facebook segregated it. Visiting from UK Bloggers.

  3. Darn, this necklace is a total winner O_O
    Well...taking photos outside doubt about it :D I feel awkward most of the time, but after the 100th photo shoot you start to not give a fuck? I guess the moral is do them often and you'll feel more and more comfortable :D

  4. Your nails look AMAZING! xx

  5. Wow----what a great price for all of those pieces! I love mint clothing… something very fresh about it (no pun intended!)

  6. Thats a bargain of an outfit. I really like the mint shade and as you say its perfect with your hair colour.

    I can see why you love the necklace, super cute or what!

    X x

  7. Loving this look!

  8. Mint green looks fab on you dear! So fresh and summery! Love the combo with the yellow bag! <3

  9. Mint is such an essential colour for summer, looking so very pretty! <3

    Congratulations on your necklace win, what a beautiful jewellery piece!

    I mainly get blog photos outside and at first was so horribly conscious of the people around (still am usually!) but I would say go somewhere a bit quieter, somewhere with minimum disruptions to build your confidence first (: xo

    Sophie | soinspo

  10. The only thing wrong those photos is that you look freezing! I have no photography tips at all, you read my blog, you know I cannot help!

    Mint green looks great on you.


  11. Great great outfit!! <3 I wish Primark open a store here!! Loving your style and your blog too!!

    Beatriz,xo |Classy and Trendy

  12. That necklace is sooo sweet! This may sound weird but you have such a nice (& pretty) profile. :)

    Tara xo

  13. The colour of your top is super pretty and summery, looks great :)

    Meg xo
    Meg Says | Health & Beauty

  14. The top and yellow handbag are lovely Lucy

  15. You look fab in pastels,,,love this outfit x


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