Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Before you think I am a total mental case wearing something so skimpy when it is so crazily cold outside, I should say that this outfit is from way back in September 2012, when we had a few days of warmth before descending into the nightmarish cold winter. I feel sad when I see these pictures because I only ever got to wear this gorgeous lace-back tee from Bershka the once in the summer months as we never had the weather...well at least it will seem fresh next summer if it ever arrives.

Has your little world come to a stand still with the weather? Still desperate for a wardrobe since I have moved in with the boyfriend, but the weather will just not allow me to get to IKEA...not that I'm too eager to be herded around the store by the IKEA nazi's...why can I not just go directly to bedroom furniture, why must I be led past all the tempting candles and nic-nacs thatI don't need but buy anyway!

Lace Back Tee - Bershka
Denim Shorts - H&M
Leopard Tights - Topshop
Studded Loafers - Matalan
Beaded Bracelets - Prairie Charms
Rings - Church Sale


So how are all my online chums riding out the wintery weather? Snuggling under blankets with some DVD's? Or a giant mug of tea and a good book? Think I might do both. Is anyone reading any good books at the minute, I am reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins...it is right up my street as an atheist with a logical and enquiring mind.

Until next time...



  1. I love those tights! My top tip for this weather is thermals with everything! Long live the long john xx

  2. Great outfit, I love the t-shirt. Definitely not warm enough for this week though! xx

  3. This outfit is gorgeous! I actually want everything, especially the top/shorts/shoes! I love tops like that, I have a white one with a lace back, but I'd really love a black one :) xx

  4. Ugh I hate Ikea for making me leave with tons of stuff I didn't want and nothing I intended to buy! You've just reminded me that I have these shoes and I haven't worn them in ages! :) xx

  5. I loooove that shirt! I'm jealous of you and your wintery weather! We've been having heat waves on and off since December!

  6. Your loafers! Wow, they're awesome! =D

    Yellow Blog [design]

  7. Gemma! Finally got back into blogging again - Loving these tights on you darling! xxx

    emma kathleen

  8. Such a great outfit, love the tights! :)


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