Friday, 4 September 2015


I've finally moved into my new home and manaed to find my camera, so I can say with certaintly that I shall be back blogging on a regular basis. Sorry to all of those who I bore with my generally nerdiness and weirdness, but I need something to do in breaks between Netflix watching and sitting.

I come back to you initially to talk about a good cause and charity from a girl that means the world to me, and is a real inspiration. She has set up a charity to fund a non-profit gym for women that have been the victims of abuse, finding incredible strength after her own harrowing experience, which thanfully ended with her attacker in prison. But so many women are not so lucky, and te lovely, selfless Sara wants to give women a safe place, a sancturary.

The lovely Sara Kate

 She has a Go Fund Me pagewhere you can help her raise those important funds. She isn't asking for huge donations, every pound will go towards helping those that need it. And once she reaches 150 donations, she will pick random people to recieve prizes. I've donated and hope to raise some more money for her by selling on eBay and donating half the profits.

So if you can donate, it would really mean a lot, and if you cant please share the page wherever you can.

Gems x


  1. Makes my heart so very happy to see you back gorgeous Gems! I have missed you so much and there's been such a hole in the blogosphere without you in it. Now you're back it feels there's nothing missing for me with blogging anymore. I honestly couldn't be prouder of you, it's amazing you've made so many wondrous, courageous changes in the last year, I'm so excited for you, having your new home is a lovely new chapter as is your return to blogging.
    You truly deserve all the happiness in the world lovely girl :) Super proud of you, you're amazing.

    Even lovelier that you are back and talking about a brilliant cause. Sara is such a massive inspiration to all women out there, what a beautiful brave spirit. I'll definitely do all I can to raise awareness and help Sara's charity get all the success and recognition it deserves <3

    Love you more beauty! <3 <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  2. What a great cause. I will be donating. Thanks for sharing.


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