Monday, 2 March 2015


I was going to start up writing about my fortnightly favourites a few months ago, but then I was catching the train to dumpsville and decided to wallow - you know, walking from empty room to empty room sighing, crying at the most stupid things. I'm not saying I'm tap dancing from room to room, using party poppers to end every sentence joyfully, but I am feeling better as each week goes by and hopefully that will continue.

My family have been amazing, and I had a boost in confidence from my CBT therapist, who tells me I'm doing all the right things and encourages me to focus on my life, and do the things that I want to do. Instead of working towards what's best for the 'we', do what is best for the 'me'. It's such a big life change and the permanent end of one life, but that must mean that it is the start of a new one...right?

FAVOURITE DAY - 19th February
It could be my favourite day there has ever been, never mind in the last fortnight, it was the day my niece, Imogen Grace Meek, was born, to my sister Rachael and her husband Chris. I haven't been able to see her as much as I would like because I have been under the weather and I want to protect her, but hse is absolutely perfect, and the little noises she makes are so adorable. I bought her this baby grow from Not On The Highstreet - isn't she lovely?

I've always wanted to work with animals, and if I had my time again at university, I would probably do Vetinary Studies. Instead I went down the academic route and although I love science, it wasn't going to be a career that worked out for me. I love what I do now as a freelance copywriter, but it is very isolating working on your own. So, with the big change, I decided it was time to at least give the dream a try. So I have enrolled in an online dog grooming course to learn all the theory, and hope to do some practical training in a dog grooming salon after it. Wish me luck!

With some extra free time on my hands, and a growing insomnia problem, I am certainly getting my money's worth out of Netflix. And although I have been watching a lot of Breaking Bad, it is Sky Atlantic's Fortitude that I look forward to most in the week. I love the isolated artic setting, and the air of mystery within the small town, plus with a cast including Stanley Tucci, Sophie Grabol and the legendary Michael Gambon, it is one not to miss.

I was seriously in need of a confidence boost, so when my lovely mam said she would take me to get my hair done I was delighted. I had my hair cut into a choppy bob, which has plenty of shape, in contrast to the quite flat and shapeless hair that I had before. I love the change and hope it will give me a boost, to get back out and about in the world.

(Apart from all the pictures if my neice) I love this picture of myself with my Auntie's dog, Molly. She came to spend the day with me last week to keep me company, and although I couldn't get any work done, or have a moments peace, it was lovely to have her here. it has definitely reinforced my decision that I want a dog of my own.

FAVOURITE BOOK - Dark Matter by Michelle Paver
Definitely not a book to read at bedtime, like I did, Dark Places is a ghost story set in the utter isolation of and artic winter. Poor Londoner, Jack soon finds himself the last hope of his team's expidition to Gruhunken, as one-by-one his team mates are forced to leave. But Jack is not really alone, something waits for him in the perpetual darkness...

What have you guys been loving this fortnight? Let me know in the comments.

Gems x

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  1. Omgosh, your new hair is amazing! How beautiful is your baby niece? :) I really need to watch Fortitude!

    Tara x

  2. Your hair is AMAZING and your niece is just gorgeous xo

  3. Gems, you broke up with boyfriend? Why didn't you say so, I have whole tricks up my sleeve for overcoming breakups, I'm sort of an expert :-D I see you got passed the wallow part and the chopping hair part, now is the time for the fuck it part. The part where you remove the person from your thoughts and life for good, and start a new fresh beginning.
    I love this post, it's new and feeds my need to know more about you and invade your privacy, yaay! :-D
    I wanted to work with animals too, my grandpa was a veterenarian and I wanted to become one too. The grooming course sounds super interesting! Keep us updated on how it is! Maybe you can check out some cat grooming courses as well, I really need advice on that one, like how to wash the stupid cat without making it transform into satan!
    Gonna check out this show too, I love snowy shows :-D

  4. I just loved reading this! I'm glad things are getting better, you deserve to be so happy. Your new do looks gorgeous, so chic! Your little niece is just beautiful, being an aunty is the best feeling ever. Good luck with your course, sounds like such a fun job! Although you'd have your work cut out with Freddy his fur is like wool haha. I hope one day you can get a dog of your own , they're such good company x

    Josie’s Journal

  5. You've been remarkably brave throughout all of this Gems, you deserve a bloody medal, for real. I hate that you have been through such hell when you deserve nothing but the very best from life and what it brings but just by reading this it makes me so very happy as I see you are as always, seeing the very best of what life has to offer and taking delight in the most meaningful things <3

    So glad your CBT is helping you, it sounds so worthwhile and can only encourage you onwards and upwards over those stepping stones. You are so right and your therapist is so right, you need to focus on YOU. From this moment forward it should be about your happiness, and it makes me smile that you have all these wonderful new goals, dreams, plans and schemes to start your very new and very exciting life. How wonderful that your niece was born, she is such a cutie and it sounds like she is bringing you such joy. And I'm really thrilled you've started a dog grooming course, something that sounds really out there and different. Really looking forward to hearing more about it all. I'm always here for you, and I hope you know deep in your heart what a loved, respected, beautiful young woman you are. We are all behind you, you are loved and cherished by us all. Please always remember that.

    Love you!

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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