Tuesday, 11 November 2014


There is so many super gorgeous florals in the shops right now for the Autumn/Winter season., but as a former tomboy, I really struggle with them. Sometimes when I think about myself and how I look, I still see the sixteen year old, round glasses wearing, bad-skinned uber nerd, who had the curves of a ruler. That Gemma wore nothing but tracksuits (the baggier the better) and was painfully shy - she would neer have worn a pretty floral dress, just in case someone noticed her.

Floral Dress, Ribbon @ Bank - Similar Here.
Biker Jacket, Matalan
Necklace, Oasap - Similar Here.
Stiudded Bag, Birthday Gift

Even now, if I try anything too feminine on, I feel incredibly uncomfortable - like how I imagine a dog feels when it is forced to wear a dress. You have to wrestle that dog into the dress and then it spends the rest of the day looking miserable!

I wear a lot of dresses, but none of them are too girly - no frills, never any lace or crochet details, and anything with sequins is out. I tend to go for bold prints, denims and something with a bit of edge. That doesn't mean I can't do florals, I just make sure I accessorise with leather and studs to keep my tomboy vibe. I tend to avoid feminine colours and dainty prints too - My goal is never to be called 'A Lady', it would feel like an insult.

I loved this Ribbon dress from Bank on first sight. The fit accentuates what little curves I have, and the neon print, whilst being floral, is not in the slightest bit girly.

What are you're tips for wearing Autumn Florals?

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Gems x
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  1. I definitely struggle with floral prints as well! I just feel way too intimidated by them most of the time :) You look absolutely stunning Gems, keeping it soft and girly with the fitting dress and fun print, with a touch of tomboy added by the jacket! I love it when dresses are styled like this. It fits you like a glove and just looks so pretty on you. <3

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  2. I LOVE the print on this dress! x

  3. I love the print on the dress! I'm really into florals. Anything with flowers I am so so so into! It's my favorite. I have a very girly style though :) You look amazing in it! And I love how you accessorized with the leather jacket. Really cool look. <3


  4. You look beautiful in this!! The jacket gives it a tomboy edge and the bag is so nice - I really like studs, it's such a cool look :) xx

  5. I love that outfit - I think the acid colours give it a bit more of an edge.

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  6. Well hello there grungey florals! I'm pretty sure a leather jacket makes any outfit 72% cooler. Such a sweet frock!

    Tara x

  7. I'm all about the girly florals and would struggle with a leather jacket, I think..

  8. Love this mix - there's something so cool about edgy leather and girly florals.

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  9. Aww Gems you are beautiful inside and out now, but I just know you were just as beautiful at 16. I love that you take on florals despite not being overly comfortable with the print, and rock them to perfection to boot. Love how you toughen up your looks and add your own vibes and auras that are so "Gems" and so equally gorgeous. This print is overly autumnal in the best way possible, it has the most beautiful hues, tones and colours all the while contrasting so stunningly with your ombre. And can I just point out how natural and model-esque you are in these shots? So chilled and happy and relaxed. Like I said, beautiful inside and out. Proud of you, proud of your 16 year old self and proud of all these amazing stepping stones you are flying over. You'll be rocketing off to space next! ;)

    Anything too girly grates on me too, I can't handle frills and I don't like doing dainty too much. And yes! To be called 'A lady' would make me feel nauseous... something so downright patronising about that term :|

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  10. You look fab in floral! For me, I look frumpy and larger than what I am so I steer clear. You carry it off beautifully x

  11. This dress is gorgeous... I know what you mean... Whilst I've always liked dressing a bit girly ive never really suited ditzy floral prints but seeing as there are so many pretty ones around I've given in the odd time but tailored the look to suit me personally.
    Also I love how you mention not having any curves... I've at times been unhappy with my curves so can't imagine what it must be like to not have any, we're never happy with what we've been given are we? :)


  12. You look amazing Gems! I love the dress!
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  13. Haha naaaw Gemma, I feel you! I love floral prints but sometimes I also feel awkward if an outfit is "too girly" in my eyes. I could never pull off ruffles or glitter, I feel too much of a tomboy for that ;)

    Speaking of florals, I love the print on your dress! Perfect for autumn! And I love the punk and edge you added with the jacket and studded bag!

  14. Absolutely love this outfit, really like how you've styled it, and you look awesome! :) x
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  15. I'm new follower on GFC :) Follow back ?
    Nice blog,I love it ♥

  16. You really do look wonderful in this outfit!!!! x

  17. I love the way you styled this.....girly dress with a tough biker.


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