Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Who else is bored of winter? I'm sick of being cold, sick of waiting for buses in the rain and sick of styling my hair to perfection, only for it to be ruined in two seconds flat in gale force winds. I don't think I have had a good hair day since August.

And isn't everything so grey? It is like all the rain has just washed the colour away from the world and left a bunch of miserable faces and who can blame them...the January blues are setting in. Everyone is looking to tightening their belts, so that means there isn't much in the budget to add some colour to their wardrobes and brighten things up a bit.

Well thank god for Primark...their soon to be released Spring/Summer 2014 collection is bursting with colour, vibrant prints and super sleek shapes, all at bargain prices. Who needs designer, when their is Primani?

How amazing are those Versace-esque trousers? Get onto my legs...I demand you!

Are you a fan of the upcoming Primark collection? Has it got you yearning for summer? You can see the full collection on the Look website.

Gems x


  1. I'm excited about the new collection! Primark seem to be improving all the time :) x

  2. These are such exciting pieces, adore the floral dress, the pink sweater and floral pants, wish we had Primark here.

  3. Love the peachy bow dress, super cute!

    xo Mélane
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  4. Yes! I'm sick of winter too:) Looking at this collection helps a bit. I love that crepe dress:)

  5. I really love the shirt dress. Wish I had a Primark though!


  6. The trouble is I love the look of the Primark lookbooks but then can never see the things I want in store! I love those culottes and the pineapple skirt and matching top is too cute! xxx

  7. I am amazed they are already rolling out the warm weather wear. It is so cold, I cannot imagine anything less then a sweater.

  8. Rather loving the houndstooth maxi and that long biker jacket!

  9. living a cold winter here i just can't stop to think about summer!! :O
    Love everything!
    Maybe you would like to follow each other?^^ Let me know!

  10. Tell me about it I hate this weather! I cannot wait for summer.
    I love the floral dress x


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