Sunday, 19 August 2012


I have quite a lot of outfit posts backed up, since I have been so busy the last few weeks being glued to the Olympics and chained to the desk with work, so I though it was time to get posting - see how dedicated I am, doing this for you guys on a Saturday night. Well actually I'm anything to avoid the X-Factor, I can't forgive them for unleashing Olly Murs on the world, or Alexander Burke for that matter and what about Louis Walsh? Some things can't be unseen or unheard...Oh the horror!

So now that the rant is over, I can tell you that this is what I wore when I popped out for a few drinks a few weeks ago -  I am certainly getting a lot of wear out of my £3.99 shorts.

Shirt, Bershka - Same here.
Shorts, H&M - Same here.
Wedge Trainers, Primark - In Store Now!
Skinny Belts, New Look  - Similar here.

I'm still loving my wedge trainers, the most comfortable heels there can ever be - official!

I've recently become addicted to American TV series Supernatural, so I'm of to watch some more of that. Any recommendations for must see TV?

Gems x


  1. awesome outfit! i really love your shoes :) XO

  2. I love your shoes...and HELLO epic legs!

  3. Great look!

  4. Love the shoes!


  5. ohmy god those wedge trainer! i hated them at first but now i really really want them they make your already amazing legs look god-ly

  6. your shoes are a-mazing, and i love how you've styled them! xx

  7. I'm so happy you hate the X Factor too! I mean it's not good to hate, but it can't be helped where that programme's involved. I loveee your shoes, went looking for them but no luck :(
    I nominated you for a Liebster thing, the post'll be up tomorrow! xxx

  8. you are so adorable gems! haha I love the wedge trainers and every thing else about the entire outfit :) you always look fab, cant wait to see more, as usual ;)

    xxx emma kathleen

  9. BARGAIN shorts!
    I'm very behind but I'm getting into Breaking Bad- on season two at the moment!

  10. you are so thin! i bet everything just looks amazing on you!!

  11. haha I agree re the X Factor I think Leona was the only realy good one,I really like her as a person and as a singer.
    I hate Olly Murrs and don't think much of Burke either!

    I love your outfit you look great x

  12. If you're into SciFi I definitely recommend the show Firefly! It's from the creator of Buffy, and if you like Buffy, you'd like this one for sure :D
    I'm in love with your shoeeeees!

  13. I agree with the XFactor...I am currently avoiding it like the plague. The awkward moment when Louis Walsh actually turns out to be your fave judge now. Urgh. Anyway this outfit is great, love the skirt and yes trainer wedges are so comfy. Outfit is very Lana Del Rey here I think! Olly Murs and Burke need to die as well. :)

    Gemma x

  14. Jumping on the bandwagon to say I LOVE your shoes, they're the fanciest trainers ever! You'll be happy to know the X Factor got its lowest opening viewing ratings in history, hopefully that means this will be its last year? :P
    Faye x

  15. Your top is such a nice colour and I really like your nail colour xx


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